Staying healthy in the workplace


Before I moved to Kent and still worked full-time in Central London, despite having a sedentary job, I made sure I still had a healthy daily dose of exercise.

I walked from Liverpool Street station to Chancery Lane (about 1.5 miles) and back again and either went to the gym at lunchtime or for a walk along the Embankment.

But what about food? There’s not exactly a shortage of food places in London; not all of them healthy. In fact, most of them are distinctly unhealthy. Have you ever properly read the label of a supermarket salad? They’re absolutely loaded with oil and have a list of ingredients you’ve never heard of as long as your arm.


So, it’s best to stay away from those tempting takeaway places and take in your own lunch. Soup, for example, is healthy and so easy to make. If your workplace doesn’t have a microwave, heat it up in the morning before you leave and take it with you in a flask, as I used to do. There are dozens of recipes here on my blog. Make a big batch on Sunday and you’ll have enough for lunch all week.


If you think salads are boring – think again. You don’t have to restrict yourself to iceberg lettuce and tomato. Olives, cucumber, radish, peppers, capers, feta, beetroot, courgette, pesto and many more ingredients are delicious in a salad and can be mixed with pasta, rice, couscous or quinoa.


Stuff pitta bread with falafel and hummous or roasted vegetables for a change from cheese and pickle sandwiches.


If you’re a snacker, lay off the crisps and chocolate and eat healthy homemade muesli bars and oatmeal cookies instead. You’ll find some I’ve made here.


Don’t forget your fruit though. Fruitdrop will deliver boxes of delicious fresh fruit to your workplace, so you’ve always got a healthy snack within reach. When it comes to that 3pm slump, fruit will keep you alert far better than a sugary snack that will give you a quick burst of energy but quickly leaves you feeling more sluggish than you were in the first place.

To find out more about the Fruitdrop boxes, including pricing, click here.

What do you do for lunch? Pig out at Pret a Manger or take your own healthy homemade lunch in?

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