Knorr Onion Gravy Pots


Knorr have launched a new range of gravy pots. All you need to do with them is pour the contents of a pot into a saucepan and add 280ml of warm water (half from a boiled kettle and half from the cold tap), heat it up stirring continuously, then let it boil for a minute.

The packaging states one pot will serve 4, but if you’re a gravy guzzler like me, then it’ll be more like two and a half people. I had in mind to freeze any that was left over but after The Meat Eater and I had taken the amount we wanted, there wasn’t enough to save. Still, if you take your gravy in a more moderate manner, you could probably squeeze three portions out of it.


We tried the Knorr Onion Gravy Pots (ignore the bit on the website where it says Knorr Onion Gravy Pots are made with slowly simmered meat juices; they’re not – they’re vegetarian) and despite it having a surprisingly thin consistency, it was full of flavour and went brilliantly with the Linda McCartney Deep Country Pies, mash and green beans I served it with.

For more information on the Knorr Gravy Pots and other Knorr products, visit their website.

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  1. I love them. Great for meat eaters and veggies alike. But they’ve suddenly disappeared off our selves. Any idea why? Or nor importantly will they ever come back?

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