Review and Slideshow: Nutriblasts from my Nutribullet

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After months of watching Nutribullet demos on the Ideal World TV shopping channel, I finally *ahem* bit the bullet and bought one. I’d put off buying one because I thought the Nutribullet was just an expensive blender – no matter how much they advertised it as a ‘nutrition extractor’ or whatever it is they call it – and I already had a blender to make my smoothies in.

Although the Nutribullet is just basically a blender (whether it’s expensive or not is relative; it is, after all, about £400 cheaper than a Vitamix), it’s a flipping good blender and it doesn’t seem to matter what combination of fruit and veg you put in it, the resulting smoothie is always delicious, unlike when you put a random combination of fruit and veg into a juicer and the output is akin to swamp juice.

I’m sure you all know the basic premise behind a Nutribullet: Fill half the cup with leafy greens, the other half with fruit, top with nuts and/or seeds and – if you really hate yourself – a ‘superfood supplement’ such as spirulina, then top up with liquid such as water, milk or coconut water.

Unlike a juicer, you’ll have to peel some fruit such as oranges and lemons first (although I left the skin on a kiwi fruit and the Nutribullet didn’t mind at all) but its 600 watt motor will pulverise most things you chuck at it, including nuts and seeds, leaving a smooth, creamy smoothie. The only thing I’ve found it doesn’t break down is strawberry seeds.

When you’ve bought your Nutribullet and opened the box, inside you’ll find the power base, a tall cup, two smaller cups, a lip ring, a handled lip ring, two lids, an extractor blade, a milling blade (for grinding nuts, making breadcrumbs, etc.), a user manual/recipe book and a pocket nutritionist.

I’m now a total Nutribullet fangirl convert and below is a slideshow of a few of my concoctions.


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For more information on the Nutribullet, visit the Nutribullet UK website. The 12-piece set is currently £99 on there, but I bought mine from Curry’s for around £80, so it’s worth shopping around.

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  1. Just ordered one! Been wanting to get one for ages, and your review convinced me

    1. Great, you won’t regret it – I use mine almost every day (sometimes twice a day)!

  2. Hi Cathy,
    I am breakfast eater. have been all my life. I have bowl of cereal ( cheerios, wheata bix, and top the cereal with skim milk and a sliced banana.
    And in winter , i also have a toasted English muffin with Marmalade.

    Breakfast puts me in a good mood, and gives me energy to work and be nice.
    And i spend less money at Starbucks or Tim Hortons .

    Not sure we have Nutriblasts over here. I go for the basic foods with low sugar.

    1. Ah, I think the key is ‘have been all my life’ – I haven’t, so food first thing in the morning is just something I can’t handle. I like the idea of breakfast making people be nice though. Maybe that’s how it should be marketed 🙂

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