Quorn Roast Style Sliced Fillets

Quorn have added a new addition to their deli range; Quorn Roast Style Sliced Fillets which can be eaten straight from the pack or added to salads, wraps and sandwiches.

Low in fat and high in protein, you’ll find them in the chilled cabinet but I froze them and then left them in the fridge overnight to defrost before using them in my sandwich today.

Here they are in the pack:

quorn 006 And here’s the construction of my sandwich.  And yes, I know it’s white sliced (Kingsmill to be precise) but it’s what The Meat Eater fills the freezer with.  (Four drawers in the freezer and he fills three of them with bread.  Bah.)

Squeeze some squeezy mustard mayonnaise onto the bread and add the Quorn fillets.

quorn 007 Add some salad on top.

quorn 008 Two minutes later you have a nice sandwich. 

quorn 010 And very nice it was too.  And because I’m such a classy chick, I accompanied it with a mug of Cup a Soup.

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