Crusty pasta & broccoli bake

As I was making this dish, I wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out as I thought it might be a bit bland.  At the first mouthful, I did think it was a bit bland and needed ‘something’ but the more I ate of it, the more I liked it.  Very nice indeed.

It’s another dish from the BBC Good Food website, but ignore what it says about being on the table in ten minutes, they are lying.

The ingredients call for 400g penne or macaroni but in the cupboard I had about 80g of macaroni and 140g of conchiglie, so I made up the difference with spaghetti that I snapped into pieces.  Also it said to boil the onion but I didn’t like the sound of boiled onion, so I fried it.  Another instruction I took no notice of was to grill it; I put it in the oven on about 200C for about ten minutes.

pasta bake 001 I won’t be blogging next week as I’m off to Naples on Monday to eat pizza for my birthday on Tuesday when apparently my life will be beginning.

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