Natur Boutique Lotus Green Tea

lotusteaThe man who sent me the ‘beyond minging’ artichoke tea (I’m not entirely sure that phrase will be going out in their future marketing materials but it certainly should be their slogan), also sent me a box of Natur Boutique Lotus Green Tea, which is said to aid relaxation. After almost gagging on trying the artichoke tea, I was a tad nervous about trying the green tea. Searching the box for any sign of strange ingredients, e.g. turtle’s anus (which probably tastes like artichoke tea), all appeared to be ok, and on the assumption that they can’t f**k up green tea, gave it a go. And no, they haven’t f***ed it up. It’s a perfectly pleasant green tea. In fact, I’ll even go as far as saying it’s really rather nice.

On the packet they suggest that you drink a cup of it 2-3 times a day 15-20 minutes before eating for 20 days. I’m assuming they don’t mean eat non-stop for 20 days. They also say this on the box of Natur Boutique Diet Green Tea Blend they also sent [review to come soon]. If drinking a cup of tea means you can eat non-stop for 20 days, then I would suggest Natur Boutique only impart this information to a select few, otherwise there’ll be a stampede of chubsters breaking into their head office to loot their entire stock on their way back from Greggs.

And they wouldn’t want that to happen now, would they?

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