JUlaVIE: The Juicer You Don’t Have to Clean!

JUlaVie - the self-cleaning juicer

A self-cleaning juicer? Well, kind of. The JUlaVIE (formerly known as the Juisir) doesn’t need any cleaning. HALLELUJAH PRAISE THE JUICING GODS AND I’M NOT TALKING ABOUT JASON VALE.

Although my current juicer is easy to take apart and clean, it still involves taking the lid off, then the filter/mesh/bit that gets all the juice out/bit I don’t actually know what is called, then another bit that I don’t know what is called either but it’s the bit that holds the other bit I don’t know what to call, then the pulp container and then they all have to be washed. And because they don’t all fit in the washing up bowl, they’re scattered around the worktop getting bits of juice and pulp everywhere and then when they are all washed, I have to do a kind of Jenga/Tetris combo to get all the bits to fit on the drainer without them falling off onto the floor. And even when they’re all nice and clean and dry and put back on the machine, it still looks dirty because no matter how thoroughly I think I’ve cleaned it, there’s still bits of fucking fruit stuck to it.

This is why my current juicer is for sale on one of those local Facebook selling pages.

So, JUlaVIE to the juicing rescue! How it works is this: You put your fruit in a bag, put the bag in the JUlaVIE, press a button and then 8 tons of force squishes the juice out and 90 seconds later, you’ve got a) a glass of juice; and b) a juicer you don’t have to clean because you simply take the bag out and reuse or recycle the bag.

I know you’re thinking, ‘Waa, plastic bags, all that waste and what about the environment you philistines, huh?’ Well, stop panicking and cursing me in your head; you get a choice of two bags – either a recyclable one or a reusable one and both bags are made from 100% natural cotton – biodegradable and renewable. So there. Ner.

Doesn’t need taking apart
Doesn’t need cleaning
Doesn’t need taking apart for cleaning
Looks cool

You’ll have to put your old juicer on a local FB selling page but no one will want to buy it because juicers that need cleaning will be the modern-day equivalent of the dial-up modem and people will publicly mock you.

Order the JUlaVIE here.

Disclosure: I am an Ambassador for Froothie and any links to their products in this post are affiliate links which, if purchased through, won’t cost you any more but will earn me a small commission. Although I haven’t yet tried the JUlaVIE myself, I am seriously excited about this product because I love juice but hate cleaning the juicer and the JUlaVIE doesn’t need cleaning (I might have mentioned that already). I haven’t been paid for this post. 

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  1. It looks nice and modern but how well will it actually work. It appears that there is only pressure applied to the produce, no grinding. This might work fine with an orange but I doubt it can extract the maximum amount of juice from leafy vegetables. Even an elephant won’t get any juice out of a spinach leaf by stepping on it unless it drags it across the ground and breaks up the fibers. It’s nice that you don’t have to clean it but your not saving any time. With this juisir you have to cut the fruit and veggies into small pieces and that takes time and if you try to cut fast and don’t pay attention you might end up with finger juice. I think I’ll wait until it’s been out awhile and I see some user reviews.

  2. So unfortunately this juicer is not so great. Mine arrived today and I opened it in great excitement. Many my first juice (it was kind of easy to put it all together) and was very disappointed by the amount of juice that came out (could not taste the ginger I had put it!). So thought lets try again! Had to wash the NYLON filter roughly (much like cleaning my other juicer parts) before putting it back in as was full of juice bits. Second time round, yes more juice came out. I then looked to see I only had 5 filter bags. Now the website says you can use the filter bags 5 times in one sitting then they need to be thrown away. You can buy 24 filter bags for £9.99 – for a big juicer like myself, going through a bag a day this is great for the company. Also I do not feel that sending 7 bags a week off to the recycling is very environmentally friendly. So all in all – yes it is a little easier and maybe it feels like less cleaning BUT environmentally friendly (throwing away so many bags for a tot of juice or 3) and also having to clean the bags in between each juice – I would prefer to use my old Andrew James juicer and have to scrub the parts. Recommended? Nope.

  3. I just got mine, and it gives barely any juice. I had to take out the produce and chop it up more, and still barely any juice. I am not impressed at all. It is a waste of money, space and time. I have Norwalk juicer. This is like the Norwalk with out the pressure. For your information I used a cucumber, and it was still juicy after the second pressing.

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