Caleño Alcohol-Free – All the Gin, None of the Hangover!

win a bottle of caleno alcohol-free gin

Ah, gin. I’ve never been much of a gin-lover. In fact, I always hated gin. The first time I tried it was in a club in Liverpool (Planet X, to be specific) and I thought it smelt like paraffin. I’m not sure if I thought it also tasted like paraffin as I don’t remember getting as far as tasting it. Anyway, apart from it smelling like paraffin and therefore probably tasting like it too, I always thought gin was solely for drinking in scalding-hot baths in an effort to bring on a miscarriage to get rid of an unwanted pregnancy and not actually for, you know, drinking.

Nowadays though, judging by the gin-soaked ads, gin is the drink for women – especially mums – who want to spend most of their time drinking, but looking fashionable and on-trend and not like a pissed-up harpy incapable of looking after her children without a drink inside her.  Mother’s ruin, indeed.

alcohol free gin and tonic

Alcohol-Free Gin and The Alcohol Free Co

If you don’t drink alcohol though, don’t worry – you too can be trendy and fashionable and enjoy gin and other spirits without the unfortunate side-effects of hangovers, liver disease and neglected children.

Tom Proctor, director at The Alcohol Free Co., gave up alcohol in 2012, after being diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver brought on by alcoholism. After a few months’ stay at the Royal London Hospital, Tom was discharged and hasn’t looked back. Seven years on, he holds a good job in London in the construction industry and owns a house which he shares with his wife and four-month-old daughter.

After discovering a range of Spanish drinks – Whissin (whiskey), Ginsin (gin), and Ronsin (rum) – (‘sin’ means ‘without’ in Spanish), Tom had a few bottles shipped over, tried them and liked them so much he set up an online business alongside his day job to bring them to a wider audience. His vision for the future is to be the go-to place for non-alcoholic spirits.

Caleño Alcohol-Free Gin

caleno alcohol-free gin

Okay, so you might be thinking, ‘What’s the point of alcohol-free gin? Why don’t I just drink lemonade? It’d be a lot flipping cheaper!’ And yes, it would be a lot flipping cheaper but lemonade is sweet and sugary and alcohol-free gin is bitter and botanical and far more satisfying than something that’s usually given to five-year-olds. Caleño contains juniper, inca berries, coriander and cardamom and is perfect with your favourite mixer.

Nirvana Brewery – Alcohol-Free Craft Beer

Nirvana brewery alcohol free craft beer

The Alcohol Free Co doesn’t just sell alcohol-free spirits; they also have a wide range of wine and beer, including craft beer from the Nirvana Brewery – the UK’s only craft brewery dedicated to brewing alcohol-free beer. If you’re a lager fan, these probably won’t be for you but if ale’s your thing, then their range of pale ale, stout and IPA will have something for you.

Caleño Alcohol-Free Gin and 4 bottles of Nirvana Craft Beer Giveaway & Reader Offer!

Caleno alcohol free gin and nirvana craft beer

The Alcohol Free Co have kindly allowed me to give away one 70cl bottle of Caleño and 4 x 330ml bottles of Nirvana craft beer. Enter via the Rafflecopter widget below – good luck!

Planet Veggie readers can also get 10% discount until the end of 2019 using the code Planet10 at the checkout at The Alcohol Free Co.

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  1. These all sound lovely, I love the names of the craft beers.

  2. Would love to win as I no longer drink alcohol and haven’t for over a year now. I don’t drink just in case there is an emergency and I have to drive which was the case when I took my husband to hospital in the night and found out he was actually having a heart attack.

  3. Wow, what a great idea! I don’t drink alcohol so I would love to try these

  4. THe alcohol-free drinks are a relatively new idea but welcome all the same for those of us who do not drink alcohol but like the taste.

  5. Wow! Have not seen alcohol-free spirits before. What a treat!

  6. I don’t drink alcohol so I would love to try these especially the Caleño

  7. I love gin but can’t tolerate alcohol, I really miss it ☹️. I’d love to win this

  8. Have not heard of this brand before but they look like they have a nice selection to choose from

    1. Wow this looks really interesting, would love to try as I do like a G&T when I have a drink

  9. I have just atarted tablets which dont allow me to touch alchohol so yhis would be very handy

  10. I’d heard so much about alcohol free spirits on the radio, I’d love to give them a go

  11. As a life long tee total it is so difficult to find great drinks like this. They look amazing!

  12. Ooh, this sounds lovely! A treat without all the guilt!

  13. sounds like the perfect drink; delicious and free without being bad for you!

  14. These sound super nice, I would really like to try them.

  15. I would love to try the Gin, I don’t drink alcohol but sometimes I would like a
    different cold drink instead of cola, fruit juice etc.

  16. I am trying to cut down on alcohol but love the taste of beer and gin so this would be ideal

  17. I adore this giveaway. I take a lot of prescription meds and have a lot of health conditions so I simply can’t drink any more and I particularly miss Gin. These beers lookincredible too I just love this whole thing xxxx

  18. This sounds great! i love the idea of the gin.

  19. This would be brilliant, I’m cutting down on alcohol and calories but I do like a drink! This would help me resist temptation!

  20. Great prize and look like interesting products to test and drink.

  21. I have never tried alcohol gin, in fact I didn’t know you could get it. I will be investigating the reviews with a view to maybe trying it.

  22. would love to gift this to my mum as a belated mother’s day present

  23. I drink alcohol but I’m enjoying having nights off more now and this sounds like a perfect solution.

  24. These would be perfect for BBQ season, I’ve got loads planned!

  25. I’ve never seen alcohol free gin before – would love to try x

  26. These look really tasty – they’d be good by the chimnea in a warm summer evening, having a drink but not actually drinking alcohol sounds good, as I’m not much for getting drunk – my meds don’t agree with alcohol – one sip and I’m tipsy lol!!

  27. These sound delicious, would love to try them, not heard of alcohol free gin ! .x

  28. I would love to try this, I don’t drink much.

  29. These sound different. I would love to give them a try, especially the alcohol free gin.

  30. A real treat – perfect for the nominated driver at our parties – sure they’ll not mind a bit

  31. These would make a great alcohol free alternative, would love to give them a try.

  32. I am trying to cut down on social drinking to maintain a healthy weight, I love gin but an alcohol free alternative sounds perfect

  33. I always find it tough to find interesting alcohol free drinks, but with products like these on the increase things have never been better!

  34. A great set for my old dad when he is out in his greenhouse.

  35. Always on the hunt for tasty no alcohol drinks, these sound great!

  36. Caleño sounds right up my street, The fact it contains all the main ingredients such as contains juniper, inca berries etc, means I can drink my fave drink again without the alcohol.

  37. Alcohol free drinks like this are such a great idea. I don’t drink much and am not into fizzy pop and always end up drinking mineral water. I would definitely try this in a bar.

  38. This would be wonderful – my husband and I could enjoy it even when we needed to drive later.

  39. This looks amazing, I can’t drink alcohol for medical reasons, I’d love to try it!

  40. What a great prize. I would love to win this for my Husband.

  41. This would be amazing at the summer parties when I am the designated driver!

  42. I would love to win this as I am sure that alcohol free spirits are the way to go.

  43. It would be interesting to see how their take on a craft Ale would taste.

  44. These would be ideal for nights where there is someone who is the designated driver.

  45. Never drink much alcohol anymore so would love to give these a try and love the designs!

  46. I’m starting to realise that alcohol and my age are in disagreement. An alcohol free version may be the way to go.

  47. Would love to try these. Am reducing my alcohol intake and loving the new alcohol free range.

  48. I really got into alcohol free gin when I was pregnant. This looks lovely!

  49. A great idea – always good to have a non-alcoholic drink available for guests who want a different option

  50. Would love to try these they sound great, brilliant concept and ideal for designated drivers as well as those who don’t drink alcohol

  51. This is great as,I am often the designated driver and can’t drink alcohol

  52. I would love to try out these drinks nd see what they are like!

  53. Not keen on drinking but do love a gin, so this would be fun to try!

  54. These sound great! I would love the opportunity to try them out.

  55. Thanks for the great prize and competition. Good luck everyone!

  56. Sounds like a great idea, my friend & I drink gin so this would be ideal

  57. Love the idea of alcohol free gin, I’m not really a drinker so I do feel left out in a group but this would be perfect!

  58. as a non drinker these look very interesting and tasty too

  59. This would be great to try and would be great for visitors who are driving too.

  60. I have a couple of friends who don’t drink alcohol so it would be great to offer them these beverages.

  61. My friend doesn’t drink alcohol and always ends up drinking pop, this is a more sophisticated drink that I can offer her

  62. Never have I heard of alcohol-free gin before but this is fascinating! Really interested in trying this.

  63. It’s always nice to have more alcohol free drinks to choose from!

  64. I would really love to try these as I really think its all about the taste.

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