Bannisters’ Farm Fully Loaded Cheese & Beans Jacket Potato


I said the other week, people who put potatoes in the microwave don’t deserve to have a potato in the first place. I still stand by that (even if I am sitting down at the mo) but some sadist scheduled my university timetable to not end on a Tuesday until 7pm, which means I don’t get home ‘til about 8pm and there’s no way I’m going to start cooking then.

The other Tuesday I got home hungry, had a nose in the freezer and saw a Bannisters’ Farm Fully Loaded Cheese & Beans Jacket Potato. The Meat Eater had one of these the other week and put it in the microwave and said it was just the same as if it’d been in the oven. Hmm, I was sceptical, I can tell you, but it was late, I was hungry and so I popped the potato in the microwave and waited for the ping.

I hate to say it, but The Meat Eater was right. This was just as tasty as if it had been cooked in a more traditional way. Okay, so the skin wasn’t as crispy as it would be if it’d had two hours at 200C, but it certainly wasn’t soggy and the inside was fluffy and light and there was a generous amount of cheese and beans on top. All in all, a flipping good jacket potato.

I definitely recommend you get a couple of these to put in your freezer for emergencies (or for whenever you fancy a jacket potato, really), especially as there’s no rubbish in them – it’s just (British) potato, beans and (British) cheese.

For more information and to see the rest of the range, visit the Bannisters’ Farm website.

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