Spiced carrot and lentil soup

I must have gone off salad as, although there’s been loads of salady type stuff in the fridge, all last week I’ve ignored this and made myself cheese and coleslaw sandwiches instead. That’s not quite in keeping with the eat healthy lunches regime I usually have. So I decided to go back to the make a load of soup on Monday to last through the week thing. And today’s lunch was spiced carrot and lentil soup from the BBC Good Food website. I love that site.

I also loved the soup. Easy to make and whilst probably a bit hearty for a summer’s day (well, it would be if we had a flipping summer’s day), it was very filling.

carrot soup 001

Along with the soup, I decided to excel in today’s flurry of domestic goddessing and made some home made bread. Well, home made as in out of a packet mix and made in the bread maker. I used half the packet and 2 hours and 53 minutes later, out came the smallest loaf of bread in the world. Is it just me or does it look a bit like a curly dog poo?

carrot soup 003

Still, curly dog poo notwithstanding, the bread was quite dense and very filling but very nice, especially as I had it while it was still warm, fresh out of the bread maker.

carrot soup 004

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  1. Delicious! Autumn is definitely upon us and my thoughts have turned to lentils too! I baked cheese and lentil loaf for lunch today and we have just scoffed the lot! Love your bread but, yes, it does look a bit like a poo! Lol!

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