Innocent Veg Pot Competition Winner Announced

Well done to Jamie for winning the limerick competition. I chose Jamie’s entry for

a) the effort he put in;

b) the lines

He once threw a quiche
(just missing his niece)

and c) for using the word ‘agrarian’, that I had to go and look up in the dictionary.

Here’s Jamie’s winning limerick(s).

There once was an angry vegetarian
Who had liked his meals meticulously prepared for him
He once threw a quiche
(just missing his niece)
As the presentation, he declared, was agrarian.

Accidentally a stereotypical Bavarian,
Went into a cafe that only served vegetarian.
‘Vat? No Meat?’
He said, jumping to his feet,
And vowed he’d never go in there again.

Jamie, email me your address and I’ll get the voucher off to you.

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