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I got asked by if I would like to review pizzas from Domino’s and Pizza Hut for them. Being a pizza lover, it didn’t take me long to click on the send button with a kind of ‘oh go on then, twist my arm…’ (e.g. ‘Yes please, I would love to!’) type of response.

So, last Tuesday, The Meat Eater and I decided to give Pizza Hut a go (I don’t really like Pizza Hut, so we decided to save Domino’s for the weekend, as you need something nice to eat at the weekend, don’t you?) and looked on the website to see if there were any offers. Pizza Hut were offering two pizzas for the price of one and so we decided to go for that and pick it up for collection (my local Pizza Hut doesn’t deliver).

I was impressed with the variety of vegetarian pizzas on the menu and also that you can customise it by making up to three changes on your toppings. They also let you add jalapeños or green chillies free of charge (a BIG plus for me, as I always want jalapeños on my pizza).

We spent a while choosing and customising our pizzas then went to check out. It wouldn’t accept our code for the 2 for 1 offer as it said the contents of our basket wasn’t valid. I checked the terms and conditions and saw that the type of pizza I’d chosen (Italian base) wasn’t included in the offer, so I went back and started again, after checking the terms carefully. Again, the website said the contents of the basket weren’t in terms with the offer. We wondered whether it was because we’d customised our pizzas, so started again and chose pizzas straight from the menu with no customisation. Yet again, the offer still wasn’t valid. We’d been back to the website to try and get a different code but nothing would work. We gave up and went to the Domino’s website instead.

Domino’s were also offering a 2 for 1 deal on a Tuesday and so we went for that but there was nothing on the website to tell us how to access the offer and after choosing and customising our pizzas (Domino’s – like Pizza Hut – also let you make up to three changes on your pizza [no free chillies though unfortunately]), only showed the full amount at the checkout. We went to the website to try and get a code but the links on there only went straight to the Domino’s website.

By this time, we’d spent almost an hour trying to buy a couple of pizzas and were completely fed up (obviously not literally) and so gave up and heated up some leftover Papa John’s pizza for our dinner instead.

On Saturday, I decided to give Domino’s another go after seeing that they were doing a ‘buy one pizza get another for £5’ deal. Rather than risk wasting time at dinnertime, I gave it a dummy run in the afternoon and although there was nothing on the website to tell you how to get the offer, when I got to the checkout it asked me if I wanted to upgrade to the pizza for £5 deal, so when it came to dinnertime and I wanted to order the pizza for real, I ordered one pizza (with mushrooms, jalapenos, blue cheese and olives), checked out, clicked on ‘yes’ when it asked me if I wanted another for £5 and ordered The Meat Eater’s one (pepperoni and mushrooms) and a side order of garlic mozzarella sticks.

We’d ordered our food for delivery and the driver turned up 25 minutes later. My pizza was hot, fresh and covered with a generous amount of toppings. The tomato sauce was rich and moist and the crust was light and fresh. Both pizzas and the garlic mozzarella sticks came with a tub of garlic sauce. The Meat Eater said his pizza was nice but very greasy. I have no complaints about my pizza, although I won’t be getting blue cheese on a pizza again (I love blue cheese but it’s a bit strong for pizza and overpowered everything). The garlic mozzarella sticks were ok but not as nice as the cheesy jalapeño bites we get from Papa John’s. I hadn’t had a Domino’s pizza since 1999 and although I’ve only ever heard good things about them and have wanted to try them here in Kent, Papa John’s cheesy jalapeño bites tempt me back there instead every time.

So, Domino’s pizza. Very nice. If they have any offers I can’t refuse, I’ll eat from there again but I can’t give up my cheesy jalapeño bites from Papa John’s.

As for Pizza Hut, I’ll try again tomorrow.

Update (in case you didn’t see it on yesterday’s blog post):  I sent Domino’s (via Twitter to @dominos_uk) the link to yesterday’s blog post and they replied to let me know that their techies will soon be changing the #TwoforTuesday banner to click straight through to that part of website.

So if you were having any problems (as I was) ordering through their website, it should be sorted soon. Now all I need is for them to start making cheesy jalapeño bites. Are you listening, Domino’s?

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  1. Thanks for the review and we’re pleased to be able to tweak the site based on your feedback. Spotted your note about the jalapeno bites – will let our menu development guys know! xx

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