Cauliflower and red pepper soup

This week’s soup of choice (is it really a choice when I use whatever comes in my weekly organic vegetable box delivery?) is Cauliflower and Red Pepper Soup.  Although, strictly speaking, it should be called Cauliflower and Half-Red/Half-Green Pepper Soup, but apart from that being a less catchy title, it’s also a bit pedantic.  And I’m not pedantic at all.  Oh no.  Not me.  Honest.

Chop up three shallots
Chop up the cauliflower
Chop the half-red/half-green pepper
Cook the shallots in 500ml of stock
Add the cauliflower and half-red/half-green pepper
Add 1,500ml more stock
Add whatever seasonings you like; in my case chili powder, nutritional yeast, brown miso and black pepper
After about 20 minutes, whizz it up with a hand blender
The end.

Cauliflower and red pepper soup
Cauliflower and red pepper soup

Contents of this week’s box
(mini fruit & veg)

Portabello mushrooms
Red peppers
Avena mandarins

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