Amy’s Kitchen Gluten Free Rice Mac and Cheese


The Meat Eater was away for the weekend, so that seemed a good time to be lazy and heat myself up a ready meal for dinner.

It especially seemed a good time, as Amy’s Kitchen had sent me some vouchers to try out their soups and ready meals. They’d sent me some vouchers last year, but I’d been unable to find any products in either of my local supermarkets but I was sure I’d seen some recently so off I went to Tesco, clutching my vouchers.

Alas, I couldn’t find any soup on the shelves so I peeked into the freezer cabinet to see what was on offer. Hmm, only a couple of gluten free meals were in there and I’d heard from gluten intolerant friends that gluten free food is – to be tactful – not very nice (I think their exact words were ‘vile’, ‘minging’, ‘disgusting’, ‘foul’.)

Still, it was free and if it really was that bad, Papa John’s was only a phone call away, so I put a packet of Amy’s Kitchen Gluten Free Rice Mac and Cheese in my basket.

I felt a little unfair taking a photo of it when it had just come out of the oven because, let’s face it, ready meals aren’t the most aesthetically pleasing of dishes and this was no different.


I put it onto the plate and stirred it up a bit and, actually, it turned into a perfectly pleasant looking plate of macaroni cheese.


Still determined to hate it though, I took a bite and… oh – it was delicious! Absolutely identical to a home made ‘real’ mac and cheese, the rice pasta had just the right amount of bite to it, the creamy, cheesy sauce was a perfect consistency and clung to the pasta just how you’d want it to.

I was so impressed with this mac and cheese, I went to get a couple more packets in Sainsbury’s last night but word must have got out about how gorgeous it is, as it was sold out.

More products on the shelves please, Amy’s Kitchen!

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