A (sort of) recreation of a Googies Art Cafe, Folkestone, pizza

Two weeks ago, I ran the Folkestone Half Marathon (I might will blog about it later). Afterwards, seven of us went for lunch at Googies Art Café, a fantastic café bar in Folkestone’s Creative Quarter.

Most of our group opted for burgers (which Googies do in a wrap, rather than a bun) but as I’d had one of their burgers (halloumi and mushroom, served with spicy potatoes) a few weeks previously, I decided to try one of their weird-sounding pizzas. They sound weird because the base isn’t made of regular pizza dough, but two tortilla wraps, with cream cheese spread in between them.

I chose the Florentina pizza which is topped with spinach, red onion, olives, pine nuts, mozzarella and a free range egg.

Yes, it was as good as it looks.

I decided I would try and recreate it for myself and so last night, that’s what I did (although with different toppings).

Rich (Cassie’s lovely ginger husband (Cassie says everyone should have a ginger husband)) asked for step-by-step photos, so here they are.

A recreation of a Googies pizza (makes 2 pizzas)

1. Get four tortilla wraps

2. Get your toppings (in this case: tomato sauce, mushrooms, olives (for me), fresh tomatoes (for The Meat Eater), jalapenos, red chillis, onion, spinach, cheese

3. Spread cream cheese on two of the wraps (yes, I have pig-shaped chopping boards)

4. Cover with the other two wraps

5. Spread tomato sauce on the wraps and add your toppings

6. Bake in the oven at 200C for about 10 minutes

7. Enjoy!

My pizza (with olives)

The Meat Eater’s pizza (with fresh tomato)

Googies Art Café is at 15 Rendezvous Street, Folkestone  CT20 1EY. Be sure to eat there if you’re in the area, then pop across the road to Johnny Cotter’s gallery and check out his amazing artwork.


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  1. I love pizza! I have tasted quite a lot of pizza! I love experimenting on it and I am not afraid to try new varieties of pizza and in my conclusion after all my taste test on this is far one of the best pizza ever!

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