Cabbage, rice, chilli and cheese soup

Ok, confession time. I was so hungry when I got back from the gym and craving something healthy, I didn’t think this through. The recipe below is not how I made this soup. It didn’t occur to me that, by bunging everything in the pan together at the beginning, it would mean that the rice would also get blended, duh!

So, what I did was, at the end of the simmering, I scooped out what I could of the rice, added the cheese, blended the vegetable and cheese mixture, then put the rice back in.

However, I have posted the recipe showing how it should be made (I’m assuming, anyway – I haven’t made soup with rice before).


Cabbage, rice, chilli and cheese soup (serves 3-4)

250g savoy cabbage, chopped
1 medium potato, diced
1 red chilli, sliced
50g basmati rice, ready-cooked
1500ml vegetable stock
60g mature cheddar, cubed
Salt and pepper

Put the cabbage, potato, chilli and stock in a large pan. Season with salt and pepper, then simmer for about 15-20 minutes, until the potato is cooked. Add the cheese and blend, then add the rice and heat through.

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New Covent Garden Soup of the Month: Halloween theme


NCG-Soup-low-res-(2)I love soup, I love monthly themes and I love gruesomeness, so The New Covent Garden Soup Co’s Halloween theme is right up my street. They want us to submit our spooky soup recipes and, if we’re lucky, it’ll be picked to be sold during October. Recipes submitted so far include ‘Perilous Pumpkin & Lemongrass’, ‘Gruesome  Gargantuan gruel’ and ‘Ectoplasm – green Thai soup’, for more entries visit their website.

We need to submit our spooky soups by 10 May 2012, so get gruesome now!

For more information and the link to send your entries to, go to the New Covent Garden Soup of the Month Blog.

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