Violife Vegan Cheese

I’ve mentioned before, I’m always a bit dubious about vegan cheese. But, I’m always willing to try a new one so gave Violife a go.

Violife comes in ten flavours, including original, tomato & basil, mushroom, olive, hot peppers and pizza flavour. I had a couple of slices of the hot pepper variety in a sandwich and the hot pepper flavour came through, along with a slight cheesy taste.


Trying a bit of the cheese on it’s own wasn’t so successful as, like most vegan cheeses I’ve tried, although there’s been an authentic cheese taste, the texture was a bit putty-like and off-putting. In a sandwich though, it’s fine. At least it’ll stop me munching the slices on their own each time I open the fridge, like I do with the rubbery plastic dairy cheese slices.

You don’t have to limit Violife to sandwiches, you can cook with it in all kinds of ways – have a look at the recipes on Violife’s website.

Violife is registered by the Vegan Society and you can find a list of stockists here.

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