Vimto Squeezy Water Enhancers

Vimto Squeezy


I thought I could remember when Vimto first burst into the playground, but apparently it was invented in 1908 and I’m not quite *that* old. Still, as my dad worked for Coca Cola, it was the law in our house to only drink that and I still feel I’m betraying my dad if I drink Pepsi in establishments that don’t serve Coke (why would they only sell Pepsi though? Why, dammit? I don’t know anyone who prefers Pepsi to Coke).

Anyway, so, yeah, Vimto has been around a long time and now it’s available in teeny tiny squirty bottles around three inches high (that’s 50ml in liquid language). Because they’re teeny tiny bottles, this makes them ideal to carry around with you on days out or in your lunchbox to liven up plain water. Just a couple of squirts is all you need and each bottle contains around 25 servings.

Originally, I thought they’d give water a slight hint of flavour but, no, because it’s concentrated, you get a full-on taste just like you would out of a regular large bottle of cordial.

Vimto Squeezy is available in three flavours – Original, Cherry or Strawberry, RRP is £2.49 and you can find it in Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s and Co-op.

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