That Gourmet Burger Kitchen Bust Up and Veganuary Day 18

Gourmet Burger Kitchen advert offensive to vegetarians and vegans
Offensive or funny?

Did you see all the fuss Gourmet Burger Kitchen caused over the last few days with their latest campaign? Thousands of vegetarians and vegans got the hump over GBK’s adverts which they took to be mocking them. The adverts didn’t bother me, and certainly not to the extent that I felt the need to go on to Gourmet Burger Kitchen’s Facebook page to have a go at them but then again, I’m secure in my food/lifestyle choices and, after 24 years of being vegetarian, I’ve heard it all before. The above advert is just another play on the old ‘don’t you miss bacon?’ chestnut, which is far more tedious than offensive.

After getting back to the office on Monday morning and seeing the outrage the adverts caused over the weekend, Gourmet Burger Kitchen apologised and promised to take down some of the adverts. That wasn’t enough for some vegans though who chose to stay offended. But from what I’ve seen in vegan Facebook groups, a lot of vegans LOVE to be offended. It seems to be how they fill in the time they used to spend eating cheese.

Anyway, that’s my little view on it – now let’s go back to the important stuff like what did I eat yesterday?

Veganuary Day 18 – Breakfast

I’m only calling this ‘breakfast’ because the cake and hot chocolate I had at about 11:30 was the first thing I ate.


Vegan salad wrap with sundried tomato paste

I’d bought a jar of spicy sundried tomato paste from TK Maxx and added some to my spinach, olives, tomato, cucumber and hummus wrap. I’d only gone to TK Maxx to see if they had any of the vegan Ten Acre Cheese and Onion Crisps which I’d seen someone say they’d got in there. They didn’t have any (only sweet and sour flavour) but if you’re not a regular in TK Maxx, you should go and have a look at their food bit – there’s some interesting stuff there. I also got some multi-coloured pasta.

Vegan red Thai curry
Yes, this is the photo from last week

A nice and easy get-some-leftovers-out-of-the-freezer-and-heat-up Thai Red Curry for dinner, served with vegan spring rolls and wontons from Tesco.


‘Snacks’ is far too lame a term for the full-on munchie attack I had yesterday evening. After dinner I had a Tesco Mint Thin, the rest of a bar of dark chocolate I had, a packet of bacon Wheat Crunchies and a Perkier quinoa bar. The only way I could stop wanting more to eat was by going to bed.

And speaking about eating before going to bed – forget cheese giving you weird dreams – last night I dreamt I snogged Phil Mitchell from Eastenders. It’ll be a long time before I forgive my brain for that one.

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  1. I am not sure how I missed all this until yesterday, but as a vegetarian I wasn’t particularly offended by it. I think that all the energy people spent getting angry and complaining about that could have been much better spent on educating people.

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