Vegan Pick ‘n’ Mix from The Vegan Candy Co & Giveaway

win a kilo of vegan sweets from the Vegan Candy Co

I didn’t think I had a particularly sweet tooth. Not until I stopped drinking alcohol, anyway, and now my diet consists mostly of ice cream and chocolate. Then The Vegan Candy Co sent me half a kilo of their vegan pick ‘n’ mix and now my diet consists mostly of ice cream, chocolate and vegan pick ‘n’ mix. I thought 500g of sweets would last me until Christmas, at least. I’m not sure it even lasted until the weekend and I didn’t even get it until the previous Thursday. It was soooooooooooo good, I kept grabbing handfuls of it and happily chewed and sucked in front of the telly all night. Sorry teeth.

Because I loved it so much, I wanted to share the happiness and joy with you and to help spread the word about The Vegan Candy Co.

vegan candy

About The Vegan Candy Co.

Joanna and Lorraine founded The Vegan Candy Co because they wanted to supply affordable vegan sweets while also supporting animal rescue charities and 5% of their profits go to Brook Farm Animal Sanctuary. Brook Farm Animal Sanctuary mainly rescues farmed animals, although it takes in any animal of any species in need of help. Their boxes are 100% recyclable, compostable and reusable, as is the paper filling. They even print with plant-based ink.

Candy striped paper back and blue filling


If pick ‘n’ mix isn’t your thing, you’ll also find marshmallows, chocolate buttons and gluten-free rocky road bars. If pick ‘n’ mix is your thing though, you can go for a 500g selection, a kilo selection, a gluten-free kilo selection, a plastic-free kilo selection, or a monthly subscription. If you choose a selection, you’ll receive a bag brimming with a variety of 30+ sweets as a random assortment such as jellies, cola bottles, hard-boiled sweets, chews, lollies, chocolates, pineapple cubes and flying saucers.

a kilo of vegan sweets in a jar

Win a kilo of vegan pick ‘n’ mix from The Vegan Candy Co!

I mentioned above I wanted to share the happiness and joy I found (and am still finding – they’ve managed to last more than two days this time; yes, you may bow down to my restraint) in these vegan sweets and so The Vegan Candy Co have allowed me to host a giveaway of 1kg of their Mega Mix. Enter via the Rafflecopter widget below – good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. This is brilliant! It’s so difficult to get a selection of sweets for my nephew and niece who are both vegan.

    1. I’m not vegan but this year I am trying to eat less meat and animal products, and to encourage my family to do the same. These make the switch so much easier – thanks for the great tips!

  2. I need to try these! I have a soft spot for sweets when I’m watching a film.

  3. Would be interesting try these to see what the flavour is like and look so good 🙂

  4. If anything could persuade me to try vegan it would be vegan sweets, so worth a punt.

  5. These sweets all look delicious and I would love to try them all

  6. would love to win these sweets so i can share with my 2 children thankyou

  7. can’t wait to get my nashers into that vegan candy!

  8. I usually prefer chocolate to sweeties but I really like the look for these!

  9. I don’t think i have ever even seen vegan sweets only chocolate really cool x

  10. They look gorgeous and I would be so happy to munch my way through them.

  11. Wow these look absolutely delicious and vegan too! What a treat!

  12. Yummy – love the tangy ones – will have to hide them x

  13. I honestly get so excited whenever I find vegan sweets – it was probably the hardest part about turning vegan for me, as I have a maaaajor sugar addiction

  14. So exciting to find delicious looking vegan alternatives!! Yum

  15. It would be really great to try some vegan candy

  16. OMG this is dangerous to even enter! I’ve been vegan for 11 years and before that vegetarian since the age of 9, so gelatine laden sweets have been out of my life for a very (very) long time. There are seriously sweets there that I haven’t seen since early childhood and I can’t believe vegan versions exist!! It’s literally taking all of my willpower not to go and order a tonne of it lol. Fingers crossed and thanks for the heads up

  17. The sweets look delicious , and so colourful and inviting . Being animal free makes them all the more appealing .

  18. I’ve been a veggie for 32 years, and so growing up I didn’t eat sweets. I remember finding some veggie cola bottles when I was pregnant, and I cried!

  19. They sound so delicious I’d love to give them a try!

  20. These sweets look delicious, i enjoy trying new vegan sweets. Its hard finding good quality vegan sweets!

  21. I would love to win these sweets. I have been vegan for over 30 years and it’s so good to see how there are now so many more vegan options.

  22. Would love to try some vegan sweets – never had them yet but they sound great!

  23. wow they look great and vegan too! would love to try!

  24. One of the hardest thing about becoming a vegan was giving up sweets, this would be amazing!

  25. Ooo these look so yummy! I love a good pick and mix, and even better that they are vegan.

  26. I would really love to try these sweets, I am teetering on the edge of being a vegan, and have not found any sweet treats other than chocolate.

  27. Wow looks amazing, I’d love to win to share this with my family

  28. Oh yummy – I would love to win to share with my nieces and nephew x

  29. As a great sweet lover, I’d be really interested to try these! 🙂

  30. Looks amazing, I have a big sweet tooth. Would love to win.

  31. Looks super yummy. I love sweets. Looks like a good selection

  32. Wow, didn’t even know I could get vegan sweets like this! Would blooming love to win ♥️

  33. These sweets look really delicious, fingers crossed, great giveaway

  34. Entering as as surprise gift for my little sister. 🙂

  35. Amazing giveaway! I have avoided sweets since going vegan because of hidden non-vegan ingredients! I’d love to try your sweets. They look delicious!

  36. fabtastic who doresn,t love sweets fab giveaway perfect for all the family

  37. Can’t wait to try these! Will defo be ordering some soon 🙂

  38. Wow this is fantastic a real treat for all the family to enjoy together.

  39. I would love to win these. They look so yummy.

  40. What a great idea. It’s always a bit sad when I’m choosing pick ‘n’ mix in a shop but half of them contain milk so I can’t have them :(…although that doesn’t stop my husband picking anything, and everything (I know I’m an adult, but I still like a pick ‘n’ mix!)

  41. There must be a really big gap in the market for vegan sweets and these sweeties look really good

  42. These would be hard to resist and what fun having a mix! Trying all of the different flavors would be a requirement when sharing with family!

  43. Id love to win these,for my vegan best friend for her birthday! Xx

  44. 1kg, shared between two is….0.999kg for me, one sweet for my wife

  45. I’ve never tried this brand before. They look fabulous! Great giveaway, thanks for running it.

  46. OMG I watch my daughter eating Haribo and wish I could get veggie versions this is amazing! I would love these wow! x

  47. Would love to win this! Just starting on my Vegan journey and this would be great!

  48. Great prize, I would love to try these. They look great!

  49. I would really love to try some of this vegan candy.

  50. These look amazing, thank you so much for running this great competition.

  51. This looks great, I haven’t gone completely vegan but am making as many vegan choices as possible so I’ll definitely be trying these out!

  52. Vegan sweets, lush! Would love to try these with my mates.

  53. Wow the vegan candy looks so yummy and natural. I would love to win them! 🙂

  54. I was just craving pick ‘n’ mix and hoping to find a vegan version, perfect timing!

  55. they look amazing, would love to give them a try 🙂 xx

  56. I’d love to try these vegan sweets. They look so delicious.

  57. I’d really love to try these vegan sweets. They look so delicious.

  58. Looks good for the wife when she is working nights in A&E .

  59. I’d love to win these – the perfect way to convince my omni family that they don’t have to give up the good things in life!

  60. looks fab. there’s something very nostalgic about sweets in a proper jar

  61. Brilliant that these are suitable for vegetarians/vegans. When my daughter was younger she often missed out on sweets because they usually had gelatine in them

  62. Oh my! This looks wonderful, count me well and truly in!!!

  63. I never realised that they made a vegan version of pick n mix sweets.

  64. Now i can feel a little less guilty when I’m eating my favourite sweets.

  65. Who would have thought you could have a vegan fizzy cola bottle.

  66. These look good, great prize I would love to win! Fingers crossed!

  67. I’ve been a vegetarian my whole life (nearly 30 years) and it’s been so hard to get proper veggie sweets so I’m really pleased to find out about these!

  68. Me, hubby and our 8 year old are all vegan, and the 12 year old is vegetarian. It’d be great to have some sweets we can all eat.

  69. Doing another comment as forgot about the 10 word rule oops !Perfect for me as I have a dairy free diet !

  70. Wow that would be one heck of a treat! I’d share them though of course 🙂

  71. This would be great for my newly vegan sweet tooth to try out.

  72. Wow what a great prize! I would share with my fiancé & our son

  73. Oh my goodness! What a fab prize! I am totally addicted to sweeties and its so nice when I find new vegan goodies!

  74. I turned vegan a year ago, so I would love to win this and spoil myself a bit, they look so yummy.

  75. I would polish these off with my family in no time great prize hope I win fingers crossed

  76. These sweets look bright and cheerful but also delicious

  77. Great giveaway -thank you for the chance to win these lovely sweets

  78. wow these look fab, im sure i wont see a lot of them after my kids get thier hands on them though! x

  79. I’m vegan and this is my idea of heaven! Would be over the moon if I won 🙂 Fingers crossed x

  80. A kilo of guilt free pleasure to share with the family

  81. WHAT a feast – time to convert the whole family to TASTY delicious sweets

  82. Didin’t even know you could get sweets like these for vegetarians/vegan! I had to give them up 30 years ago when I became a vegetarian, so would love to taste them again.

  83. Looks yummy! I didn’t realise either that vegetarians and vegans can now get sweets like this. Great news!

  84. Fantastic that there is much more variety available for vegan and vegetarian diets thanks

  85. I’m not convinced I’d do anything but eat all these sweets myself watching tv in the evening, hiding them jealously from the kids lol!!

  86. I would love to try these sweets, perfect for a movie time treat

  87. Would love to win this for my wife so she doesn’t feel too left out when I grab a bag of haribo.

  88. We would love to try these. We did buy some from a vegan shop recently (not sure what brand) but they were lovely.

  89. I usually choose vegan chocolate for a treat but these would be a nice change.

  90. perfect for my Wife, very tricky finding sweets that done’t contain the dreaded gelatine

  91. What an awesome giveaway! I’m currently doing a sugar free diet, so would have to try and resist these for a white ;D

  92. I’ve never tried these before, I bet they are delicious and they will help keep me trim this spring!

  93. I love sweets, too much, but I promise I would share these with my vegan daughter. Honest I would!

  94. I think at this point my body is nine parts chocolate and one part Haribo so this would be great to get that ratio to 50/50

  95. These would be a proper treat! Something I could snack on for myself

  96. I’d love to try more vegan food and these sweets look delicious

  97. Finding decent sweets without gelatine in them is a nightmare so I’m seriously excited (although my waistline not so much) by this extensive selection of vegan sweets. They even have marshmallows!!

  98. This would be amazing for my very dear friend Allisson who is a passionate vegan! Thanks for the chance

  99. So exciting to find vegan sweets, especially the jelly sort of ones, can never resist buying whenever I find them.

  100. I would love to try these,they look truly scrumptious!

  101. wow, what an amazing giveaway I’ve not had proper sweets for about 18 months now since going vegan. These look incredible

  102. What heaven all those different vegan sweeties! Going to share to Vegan Competitions UK on Facebook and Twitter

  103. I’ve never tried this brand before. They look fabulous thank you!

  104. These look really good and a fab treat – many thanks for the review and hosting the blog

  105. Wow, these look lovely, would love to try them

  106. these look so yummy would love to try these

  107. these look delicious would love to try bet they taste nice too

  108. Amazing giveaway! I’m just starting to make vegan changes to my diet, so ideas like this really help.

  109. These sweets look so tasty, love the fact that they’re for everyone!

  110. I’d really love to be able to share some sweets with my vegan friends, this would be perfect, thank you!

  111. Lovely to have so many vegan options to choose from nowadays and these look delicious to a vegan with a sweet tooth. 🙂

  112. They look like normal sweets I would love to tty

  113. I’ve never thought about having vegan sweet, they have a great choice though

  114. Never heard of vegan sweets, my wife would love these. Sweets always cheer people up

  115. Wonderful prize!! My vegan 16 year old would absolutely love this.

  116. I’d love to try these! haven’t tried any vegan sweets yet

  117. These sweets look incredible I need to try them. I’ve entered the giveaway and I hope I win!

  118. Ahhh these look great! I find it tricky to find Vegan friendly gummy sweets.

  119. Great competition, where else are there competitions to win vegan sweets.

  120. What a fantastic treat. My kids are toying with becoming vegan. It would be great if they could try these sweets.

  121. My son is vegan and it is really difficult to get sweet treats for him, this prize is amazing

  122. These look so yummy! It is a real challenge to find tasty vegan sweets so these would be a wonderful treat!

  123. Be great to win these sweets, but intriguing to see what they taste like and how they differ

  124. I have a serious sweet tooth and these look delicious!!

  125. I would love to win this for my friend, she is a vegan and is such a good friend of mine

  126. These look fab! I’m sure my non-veggie friends wouldn’t know the difference 😉

  127. Would be amazing to win these! They look delicious!! Yum yum! My vegan OH would love them XX

  128. So I’m on ahealth kick atm in support of my poor 6 year old who has chrons disease etc. Gluten free, dairy free, fibre filled, I’m doing it all. Vegan is adding to the list of healthier choices too so I’m missing my comfort foods majorly. These vegan sweeties would be an actual slice of heaven RN xxxxxx

  129. These look great, dont get many ‘jelly’ sweets that are vegan

  130. You can never have too many vegan sweets… would have to hide them from the 3 year old though!

  131. Brilliant competition. A great alternative to chocolate Easter eggs, thank you.

  132. Never tried a vegan sweet before but these sound delicious!

  133. These sweets look fab and great they are all vegan too.

  134. Great for my Vegan daughter who has a sweet tooth!

  135. Great for my vegan daughter who has a very sweet tooth she would think that these are delicious ! what a real treat!

  136. My son has recently turned vegetarian and is training me on the differences between veggie and vegan – these would be fab for the whole family to win

  137. What an amazing prize!!Full of my favourites as well by the looks of it!

  138. Best vegan treat of all time has to be oreo cookies – I never knew they were vegan!

  139. Perfect sweet treat for my son who eats a vegan diet

  140. I don’t often eat sweets but when I do, I always struggle to find some that I can have. It’s great to hear about this company 🙂

  141. Amazing, who wouldn’t want to have this, I love Sweets!

  142. These sweets look great, just right for Easter treats for the kiddies

  143. These vegan sweets look and sound great – I should love to try them. What a lovely prize!

  144. I usually prefer chocolate to sweeties but I really like the look for these!

  145. Oh wow, absolute heaven! Especially with such a fantastic variety. Pick n Mix is always great for a bit of nostalgia, there is something very comforting about it

  146. These look great, lets hope they taste as good as they look!

  147. Lovely treat , my two boys would love thankyou for the chance x yum

  148. Yum, love the look of these sweets and great for trying to get the little peeps on the vegan track.

  149. I am delighted to see that this company donate part of their profits to an animal sanctuary. I also find it reassuring to see that they use environmentally-friendly packaging. As someone who follows a vegan diet, it would be lovely to try their sweets.

  150. Wow, this looks delicious – didn’t realise there were so many different types of vegan sweets available!

  151. Fab giveaway, would be able to give them to my vegetarian daughter without worrying about the gelatin!

  152. Deliciously yummy sweets to share with my daughter. Didn’t even know could get vegan sweets

  153. That sounds so yummy I’d love to win this prize

  154. I have just gone vegan and so far so good I’m really enjoying it I feel super good too which is a bonus

  155. this is amazing I have such a sweet tooth I can eat sweets again

  156. I’d share with my sister as we’re both vegetarian but are suckers for sweets!

  157. I started a vegan diet from January this year, and finding treats and sweets has been one thing I have struggled with, I’d love to try this fabulous selection of ethical vegan sweets.

  158. We are a vegetarian family and it’s so nice to find a great variety of sweets to enjoy that don’t contain any animal products. Thank you 🙂

  159. Oh wow! I absolutely love chewy sweets, what a treat to find a vegan option.

  160. These sound delicious! even better that tey are vegan, ive been vegan for a month now and its surprising how many sweet treats i used to enjoy i cant have anymire

  161. These look like all the sweets I really love but can never have. How wonderful to find that I can actually eat these. Thank you for a great giveaway.

  162. I am slightly addicted to sweets! I have at least 3 packs on my desk at work at any time, but it’s so disappointing that so many chewy ones contain gelatine, it’s very limiting to what I can actually eat!

  163. This is serious heaven! Looks amazing! (I’ve tried following your Pinterest but the link won’t work)

  164. These look brilliant. I would love to decorate cupcakes with these with my little boy!

  165. These look delicious and I would love to try them. I am always looking for vegan sweets!

  166. These look lovely and tasty my boys would love them

  167. these would be perfect for the whole family, something for everyone to enjoy

  168. I would have to try these with my veggie mate, she will love these

  169. Fabulous some really tasty vegan candy Love love love it. The jar takes menace to my childhood too very nostalgic

  170. Sweet dreams are definitely made of these rather delicious treats! 🙂

  171. I have never heard of vegan sweets. I would love to try them.

  172. These look great and what a great charity to support

  173. My son would love these sweeties as he follows a vegan diet due to allergies

  174. These would be delicious and perfect for my little vegan toddler

  175. This is fantastic… I really struggle to find good vegan candy.

  176. This is fab I love jelly sweets and my daughter is vegan so always always have different sweets it would be lovley to share as long as I get all the fizzy ones!

  177. Vegan here, and expecting my first baby! This would be great to share with my husband when I get those sugary cravings.

  178. These look amazing, never knew vegan could be so good

  179. What a lovely selection and good to see gluten free options too.

  180. What a great selection of sweets – I love fizzy ones

  181. I’d love to give these a try. I’m sure my children would too!

  182. Lovely selection fabulous they are Vegan i’m trying to introduce these to my grandchidren and teach them the importance and reasons why these are better !

  183. Fantastic yummy to win and share with my children

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