Vegan Monday: sausage, chips and beans and a minor fail

Uh oh, it was only the second ever Vegan Monday and I failed. Slightly, failed, anyway. Okay, there’s no slightly about it – either I went a whole day only eating and drinking stuff that was vegan or I didn’t, and I didn’t. I have to confess I had a Galaxy Bubbles Hot Chocolate mid-morning. And I have to confess it wasn’t even after I’d drunk it I realised; I realised when I was spooning it into the mug. Oops.

Still, let’s not dwell on the fuck-ups – let’s focus on the positives – I spent the rest of the day staying away from anything with bits of animal in and redeemed myself hot-chocolate-wise by having a Whittards Chilli Hot Chocolate in the afternoon (which, as far as I could tell, was vegan).

Breakfast was a banana smoothie (made with soya milk), clementine and plum.

Lunch was a bit tricky, as I didn’t have anything to make soup with and the only soup in the cupboard was cream of mushroom or cream of tomato. I pondered over peanut butter on toast without any butter, then decided on vegetarian (vegan) haggis in pitta bread with mango chutney and tomato.


Yeah, yeah, yeah, vegetarian haggis with mango chutney sounds weird, but it works, honest – give it a go. (It also tastes better than it looks, a bit of greenery would have livened it up but I could only find a packet of soggy, wilted rocket in the fridge.)

I’d had dinner planned all day – Linda McCartney sausages, chips and beans. Then The Meat Eater came home and said ‘noooooo, I’ve been eating crap all weekend, I need something healthy’, so I told him a) there’s nothing wrong with sausage, chips and beans; and b) he likes sausage, chips and beans anyway. He agreed with me. Until he remembered it was Vegan Monday and started moaning again. So I reminded him Linda McCartney sausages are his favourite and Linda McCartney sausages are vegan, so there.


Okay, maybe it’s not the healthiest dinner in the world. Quick and easy and tasty though. I’ll try and be better prepared for next Vegan Monday. Doing some shopping at the weekend might help.

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