Vegan Choco Ringo Nutto Bars

A friend joked on Facebook this morning about Toffee Crisps being disappointing because they don’t actually contain crisps. This made me think, ‘why don’t any chocolate bars have crisps in them? Crisps would be fab in chocolate bars’ and so I decided to make some.

First of all, I had to decide on the flavour of crisps. I’m strictly a cheese and onion kind of girl but I reckoned cheese and onion flavour chocolate would be a bit ick, so thought I’d give salt and vinegar a go. After all salted chocolate’s a thing, isn’t it?


I got to the supermarket and went to the crisp aisle then had a dilemma. There’s so many different types of salt and vinegar crisps. Then I spotted the Ringos and thought yeah, Ringos will be a good texture to be covered in chocolate and so I went home with a six-pack of Ringos and a packet of mixed nuts and raisins (and a can of elderflower and blackberry Pimms, in case the sun comes out later. Although, let’s be honest, I’ll drink it even if it’s pissing down).

Anyway, move over Willy Wonka, I’ve invented the Choco  Ringo Nutto Bar and it’s flipping delicious.


100g coconut oil
6 tbsp raw cacao powder
3 tbsp agave nectar
A handful of salt and vinegar Ringos
A handful of mixed nuts and raisins

Place a bowl over a saucepan containing water and slowly melt the coconut oil.


Remove from the heat and whisk in the cacao powder and agave nectar.


Add some Ringos and mixed nuts and raisins.


Pour into a container (I used a foil tray).


Put in the freezer to set for about 30 minutes.


Remove from the tray.


Cut into bars.


Ringos were definitely the right choice of crisp as they add the perfect texture to complement the smooth chocolate and the chunky nuts.

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