This week’s Graze box

After receiving my free box, I was going to cancel my order as it seemed a bit extravagant getting fruit, nuts and seeds delivered to my house instead of just nipping down to the road to the shop like a normal person, but three weeks on and I think I’m addicted.

Last week’s graze box was munched before I got around to taking any photos, so this week I get my camera and take a photo before diving in.

graze 011And in this week’s box I’ve got fresh pineapple (with a handy little wooden fork type thing to eat it with, and also a wet wipe for cleaning up afterwards – do they think of everything?)

graze 013

some Japanese rice cracker mix

graze 014and some wild pecan halves (you can see the little wooden fork type thing for eating the pineapple with above them).

graze 015

That’s this afternoon’s munchies sorted then.

If you’d like a free box, with the second half price, go to and enter the code HQTGF3GB.

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