The Garlic Farm: Garlic jam with red chilli / Olives with garlic and basil

A while back, The Garlic Farm sent me some of their peach and mango chutney to try. I declared it the highest quality chutney I’d ever had. Recently, they sent me some of their garlic jam with red chilli and a jar of their olives with garlic and basil and I’m happy to say that these are just as fresh and delicious.


I was expecting the garlic jam to be similar to the chilli jam I made a couple of years ago – thick and jelly-like. It’s not. It’s the texture of normal jam which makes it easy to spoon or spread.

The jam is both sweet and savoury and both a relish and condiment. It’s been combined with roasted garlic to create a jam that is perfect with cold mock meats, veggie sausages and cheese. They also suggest stirring this jam through gravy for a sweet, thick and flavoursome finish. I tried some on crackers with some camembert and stilton and it’s very tasty. You know how most of the time when you see a product on the shelves and it says it has chilli in it, but when you try it you’re disappointed? This isn’t like this. This has a kick to it. Hurrah.


I love these olives. Each time I go into the kitchen, I can’t help opening the fridge and having a couple. It’s just as well they’re not pitted or I’d probably have finished the jar in one evening. Very olivey, very basily and very garlicky. Yum.

The Garlic Farm’s Garlic Jam with Red Chilli has an RRP of £3.90, the Olives with Basil & Garlic has an RRP of £3.95, both are suitable for vegans and vegetarians and available from The Garlic Farm website (which also has a list of stockists).

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