Secret Sausages – Vegetables In Disguise


A healthy sausage? The last time I heard such an oxymoron was a couple of weeks ago when a friend mentioned ‘fun’ and ‘camping’ in the same sentence.

Still, Secret Sausages have 90% less fat, 50% fewer calories and 35% less salt than normal sausages. And if you eat three of them, you’ve got one of your five-a-day too.

Unlike most vegetarian sausages, these aren’t the ‘meaty’ type. These are made with fresh vegetables packed inside a vegetarian casing made from seaweed and rice and, like any other sausage, can be grilled, fried, oven-baked or barbecued.


Secret Sausages sent me a couple of packs to try and the other night I cooked up the rosemary and garlic variety which are made from garlic, green beans, mixed peppers, carrots and rosemary. Because they’re not the meaty type, they were quite soft and although I couldn’t taste any garlic, there was a pleasant hint of rosemary.

Not wanting to be too healthy, I served them with chips, baked beans, fried egg and fried mushrooms.



Secret Sausages are Vegetarian Society approved, gluten-free and available in six flavours: Lincolnshire, Chilli and Coriander, Rosemary and Garlic, Cumberland, Honey Bee, Cheese and Spring Onion


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  1. Thanks for this review. However, your link to the Secret Sausages website appears to lead somewhere you did not intend it to, and should probably be amended!

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