Review: Yu!’s New Fruity Chews

Yu! 100% fruit chews
Yu! 100% fruit chews

Do you like tasty, healthy snacks? You do? Then Yu! is for you.

Yu! have brought out a new snack range of 100% fruit chews suitable for vegans (except the ones coated in yoghurt), vegetarians and those intolerant to lactose, wheat and gluten. They also contain no added sugar, are high in fibre and make up one of your five-a-day.

Mini and heart-shaped chews are available in mango, raspberry and strawberry flavour, while Yu!’s fruit pieces with a light yoghurt coating are available in apple, mango, strawberry and raisin flavour.

Yu! Apple pieces coated in yoghurt
Yu! Apple pieces coated in yoghurt

I’ve tried most of the range and I don’t think I have a favourite – they’re all deliciously sweet, tangy and chewy. My only complaint is there isn’t enough in the bag as they’re incredibly moreish and I don’t want to stop eating them.

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