Review: Wheyhey Protein Ice Cream

Wheyhey protein ice cream
Wheyhey protein icecream
Available in strawberry, chocolate, vanilla and banoffee flavour

As you’ll know from my fitness blog – JogBlog – I’m a finely tuned athlete (cough cough) and athletes need protein. I’m not sure if they also need ice cream but if they do, then they won’t find any better than this protein-rich ice cream from Wheyhey. After putting it off for a while (I mean, come on, ‘protein ice cream’ doesn’t sound appealing does it?) I tried the banoffee flavour and, oh my god, this stuff is flipping delicious!

Wheyhey protein ice cream
Convenient spoon in lid

It’s sweet, creamy, bananary and toffee-ee and although the texture is slightly chewy rather than having a more traditional ice cream texture, this isn’t a bad thing. I loved this ice cream so much I don’t know whether to try the three remaining flavours I have in my freezer right away or to save them so I’m not sad when they’re gone.

Wheyhey protein ice cream
This was soooooooooooo good

Along with the 20g of protein and 100% deliciousness, Wheyhey protein ice cream is also:

  • suitable for diabetics
  • low in fat
  • gluten free
  • Vegetarian Society approved

Healthy ice cream? Marvellous invention. Thank you, Wheyhey.

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