Review: Tefal Fresh Express

I can’t tell you how much I wanted a Tefal Fresh Express when they first came out a few years ago. I mean, I really wanted one. Really, really, REALLY wanted one. I didn’t get around to buying one though because although I really wanted one, the sensible part of me knew it wasn’t cheap enough to buy unless I knew I was going to use it loads and I didn’t think I was going to use it loads. In fact, I had no idea what I would actually use it for, I just wanted one anyway.

And then I forgot all about it.

But then, hurrah! House of Fraser asked if I wanted to review a small kitchen appliance and, while scrolling dreamy-eyed through their website lusting over all the shiny things, I saw the erstwhile object of my dreams.

And here it is. Please excuse the state of the kitchen.

Tefal Fresh Express

As you can see, it comes with four cones – each designed to give a different thickness of grate. (Hey, if Paul Hollywood can turn ‘bake’ from a verb into a noun, I can do the same for ‘grate’, okay?)

It’s simple to use. Just attach the cone holder/feed tube to the main unit, then add your cone of choice. The instructions let you know which colour-coded-cone to use for which food/thickness required, i.e. red for carrots (yes, I reckon it should be the orange cone, too). Put your fruit or veg down the tube and while pressing the on/off button, push the food through with the pusher. Easy peasy carrot squeezy.

Grating carrot with the red cone.
Grating carrot with the red cone.

Switching cones is easy enough and I grated some red pepper, cucumber and cheese to go with the carrot.

A bowl of salad grated in about a minute.
A bowl of salad grated in about a minute.

You know, usually, if you just slice your veg then try to wrap it and it all falls out? Not so when it’s grated. Grating your veg like this makes making a salad wrap super-simple. It wraps beautifully and stays together.

You're jealous of my lunch, I know.
You’re jealous of my lunch, I know.

You know at the beginning of the post I said I wasn’t sure what I’d use the Tefal Fresh Express for? Well, I know now.

Tefal Fresh Express is available online at House of Fraser for £34.99 (price correct at the time of writing).


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