Redwood Vegi Deli Beef-Style Pieces

I popped into Holland & Barrett to use up the £1.50 voucher they’d sent me and buy some of Redwood’s Making Waves Fish-Style Steaks that I loved so much when I tried them a few months ago. After seeing a TON of Redwood’s food in the chiller cabinet reduced from £2.99 to 50p, I came away with a packet of chicken-style pieces, two packets of beef-style pieces and a packet of pepperoni-style slices, not forgetting the packet of fishless steaks that I actually went in for in the first place. The whole lot came to about £3.50. A bargain haul indeed.

Tonight I made a stir-fry with the beef-style pieces. These won’t suit vegetarians or vegans who don’t like their meat alternatives to be too meaty – these beef-style pieces are beefy, especially in the texture. I loved them though, they worked really well in the stir-fry that I served with egg-fried rice, egg noodles and mini spring rolls.

redwood-stir-fry Better than a take-away, any day.

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