Provamel almond milk and oat milk

I’ve been drinking soya milk for years, after giving up moo juice. Never having been brave enough to try anything other than soya milk, I was pleased when I was asked if I’d like to review Provamel’s new almond milk and oat milk.

provamel_oat_milkNot being a fan of marzipan, I wasn’t in any rush to try the almond milk so I tried the oat milk first. Pouring it into a mug, I was surprised at the beige, almost brown, colour. Not milk-like at all in colour, although the texture was creamy and milk-like. I brought the mug up to my nose and sniffed it. It smelt nice, the same as soya milk. On its own, it tasted sweeter than soya milk but this didn’t alter the taste of the hot chocolate I made with it.

provamel_almond_milkNext I tried the almond milk. This was the colour you’d expect milk to be, but when I poured it, it was thin and watery (although this may be because I didn’t shake the carton enough). I boiled some of the almond milk to make hot chocolate and it left a lot of scum in the saucepan, although the taste was fine.

If you fancy a chance from soya milk, I’d recommend the oat milk (if you can put up with the colour).

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  1. I really like the almond milk myself – if you shake it quite hard before pouring, it’s really creamy and frothy! I’ve yet to try the oat milk, but I think I will. 🙂

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