Panko Crusted BBQ Tofu


Since finding out a few weeks ago that tofu is transformed if you press it to get all the water out, I’ve been keen to make it again. I also wanted to cover it in panko breadcrumbs again because everything’s improved when you cover it in breadcrumbs, isn’t it? Well, most things, anyway.

This time, to make the tofu tastier, I marinated it in BBQ sauce for a few hours but because I wanted to make a vegan version, instead of coating it in egg, I just pressed the breadcrumbs onto the BBQ-sauce-coated tofu and hoped they’d stick. Which they did, just about.

Panko-Crusted BBQ Tofu

Slice the tofu
Marinate in BBQ sauce for a few hours
Cover in panko breadcrumbs
Bake in the oven at 180C for about 20 minutes

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