Pacari Vegan Chocolate Review & Giveaway

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I used to be a Cadbury’s Whole Nut kind of girl. In my younger, thinner days, I’d think nothing of eating a massive bar of it over an evening because health and weight didn’t really feature in my life back then, with my diet being based on cigarettes, alcohol and delivery pizza. Now that I’m a *cough* glowing beacon of health and vitality *cough* and can’t remember the last time I had any kind of Cadbury’s – Whole Nut or otherwise – eschewing those purple-packaged products and their ilk for something more refined (i.e. not full of shit). These days I much prefer a satisfying couple of squares of good quality vegan dark chocolate as opposed to a massive bar of sugary milky stuff. Which is just as well, as I am no longer in my younger, thinner days and can no longer eat an unholy amount of crap without any repercussions.

But, it’s all very well and good trying to avoid chocolate containing crap but, there is only so long you want to stand in the supermarket with your glasses halfway down your nose while you squint at labels trying to find a bar of chocolate that contains mostly, um, chocolate and not a load of other stuff you most certainly do not want.

Pacari vegan fair trade chocolate

Pacari Premium Organic Chocolate

Pacari knows this and they’ve made chocolate suitable for just about everyone (I can’t actually think who it’s not suitable for but there’s bound to be someone. People allergic to vegans, perhaps.) Pacari’s chocolate is:

  • vegan
  • fair trade
  • palm oil-free
  • soy-free
  • gluten-free
  • artificial ingredients-free
  • certified organic
  • certified Kosher
  • B-Corporation certified
  • Biodynamic certified

If you’re looking at this list thinking, ‘Hmm, what about sugar-free and/or raw?’, don’t worry, you’ll also find those on their website.  And if you’re looking for more reasons to buy Pacari chocolate, take a look at this:

  • They’ve won over 250 international chocolate awards.
  • Their chocolate is made from ‘tree to bar’ in Ecuador, meaning 50% of the wealth stays in the country of origin and contributes to its development. With ‘bean to bar’ chocolate (where cacao beans are imported from developing countries with the rest of the production taking place in the UK or other non-cacao growing countries) only around 7% stays in the country.
  • They support local communities by:
    • working directly with local farmers, not via middle men, and pay them above market prices; and
    • creating job opportunities such as technicians, designers, chocolatiers, and sales and shop staff.
  • They’re environmentally-friendly, using only 100% organic ingredients and their packaging is 100% recyclable with their chocolate bars wrapped in recyclable aluminium foil and cardboard.
  • Their chocolate is healthy, containing important vitamins and minerals including magnesium, flavanoids with antioxidant properties, vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B9 and E, essential fats, protein and fibre.

Phew. That’s quite a list of reasons why Pacari are a brand you should be buying. What about the taste though? It’s no good being this worthy if their chocolate tastes like cack, is it? Well, I can confirm their chocolate doesn’t taste like cack – it is divine. It’s not thin and crispy a la Lindt or Green and Blacks but, despite it being a thicker bar (although if it’s thin you want, check out their minibars), it doesn’t have that thick, cloying texture that some vegan chocolate bars suffer from. I kept mine in the fridge and, although that made it hard to bite into, it had a satisfying crunch to it.

five bars of Pacari chocolate

Win 5 bars of Pacari chocolate

You can see the whole range of Pacari chocolate, chocolate covered fruit, and drinking chocolate on their website along with a list of stockists. You can also be in with a chance of winning

  • 3 x 50g bars
  • 2 x 10g minibars

(flavours may vary)

by entering my giveaway via the Rafflecopter widget below – good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thanks to Pacari for sending me a selection of their chocolate to review and also for providing a selection to give away. 

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  1. I have never tried Pacari Vegan Chocolate Bars but I am keen to try them.

  2. have never tried Pacari Vegan Chocolate Bars but would love to

  3. They do sound rather good, I would love an opportunity to sample them!

  4. These sound absolutely delicious and vegetarian to boost!

  5. I’ve never tried Pacari Vegan Chocolate Bars before but they sound delicious.

  6. Love Pacari chocolate, tastes absolutely amazing and I would love to win

  7. my son’s girlfriend has just gone vegan so it would be nice to give her a gift

  8. These all look really good especially the Andean Mint flavour.

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  10. These chocolate bar flavours sound amazing and i’m sure they will taste amazing too!

  11. Would be nice to try all the different flavours as new to me

  12. Pacari eh? Not seen these before, always looking for new vegan treats to put in m’lady’s lunchbox…

  13. Not seen this particular brand before but will definitely keep a lookout for it – the chocolate sounds amazing.

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  15. They look terrific, but can they really compare to other forms of chocolate?

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  21. I was immediately sold by the first two descriptions of Pacari chocolate: Vegan and Fair trade, describing taste and the honest, hard work that was put in to creating perfect chocolate. I am, ought, to try it soon ☺.

  22. I have never tried a vegan chocolate bar, so fingers crossed.

  23. Looks like a gorgeous selection, I would be particularly interested in trying the goldenberries bar. 🙂

  24. Lovely! When I first tried converting to veganism, there was so little choice that I eventually gave up. I salute all those who kept at it and made up the numbers so that ethical producers had a growing market.

  25. I like the look of this chocolate and would really love to try it

  26. These look delish, I love chocolate that’s good and dark 🙂

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  41. I’m a vegan and it’s great to see so many products coming out – especially things that are treats!

  42. It’s really great the selection of vegan produce, particularly treats like chocol6, that is now available. Thumbs up from me.

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  59. TOTALLY delish Here’s HOPING im lucky – love your description ” it’s like crack

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  77. Wow, Pacari looks amazing. I haven’t heard of it before but would love to try

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  83. Puts hand up timidly… ME, it’s not suitable for me! I’m diabetic and control it by avoiding sugar. Unfortunately for my husband, that means that I never keep chocolate in the house, so he never gets to have any, and i know he would love this selection, especially the lemongrass one

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  105. I’ve never tried Pacari Vegan Chocolate Bars before but they sound delicious and I would absolutely love to try them

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  115. thank you for the review, although i have heard of this brand before, i have never tried them yet – defo, will now x

    1. I’ve not tried vegan chocolate before and would really like to try the golden berries. Chocolate that’s healthy always gets a yes from me!

  116. i really would love the chance to try some tasty chocolate

  117. Have heard of Pacari and read some great reviews…would love to try some for myself and perhaps share !!

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  122. I’m lactose intolerant so these would be perfect for me!

  123. Lovely looking bars is the first positive the awards are impressive and the list of ingredients are making me want to try them.

  124. These chocolates sound delicious, it’s great to find new vegan brands


  126. I’m seriously considering a vegan diet to see if I feel less lethargic without dairy but chocolate is something I’ll miss. It would be great to give this a try. Thank you for the chance to win some 🙂

  127. I would like to win these for my friend Jane. She went Vegan this year and it would be a lovely treat.

  128. Such delicious chocolate and the different flavours are so gorgeous and would love to try them all.

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  135. These look so delicious & tasty chocolate bars, and being vegan means a lot to me. I don’t eat meat and a close friend of mine is vegan.

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  144. It makes it so easy these days to become vegan with all these yummy treats around.

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