Mix Your Own Cocktails


The last time I went to a cocktail bar, it was so dark you couldn’t see the bottom of the stairs leading from the street to the bar, it was so noisy I almost gave away my age and asked for the music to be turned down and it was so hot I thought it was the early onset of the menopause. However, I stuck it out because a) I love cocktails; and b) we had Groupon vouchers which meant our cocktails were v. cheap.

Despite loving cocktails though, I’ve never made my own. Not alcoholic ones, anyway. thebar.com is a great site for cocktail recipes if you fancy testing your Tom Cruise skills; search by brand, mixer or fresh ingredient to find your perfect combination.

My favourite cocktails are those that are nearer to a dessert than a drink – you know the type; the creamy, indulgent, fruity ones. I typed in ‘coconut’ and a list of eleven cocktails containing coconut appeared on the screen. The chi-chi caught my eye – it’s a blend of vodka, coconut cream and pineapple and, according to the blurb, it’s like a disco in a glass.

Now I just need to buy some cocktail glasses, a cocktail shaker, some paper umbrellas and, oh yes, some vodka, cream of coconut and pineapple juice.


I’d love to know what your favourite cocktails are – leave a comment below.

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