Linda McCartney has stopped making Fish Free King Prawns

Linda McCartney Fish Free Prawns
Bring back our prawns!

Pinkie left a comment on a recent post to say Linda McCartney had stopped making their Fish Free King Prawns. I heard rumours on Twitter and Facebook but Linda McCartney didn’t deny or confirm these rumours. So, I emailed them and got this reply:

“Thank you for your recent email and your patience in awaiting our response.

Unfortunately we do not make the Linda McCartney Fish Free King Prawns anymore, this was due to falling rate of sales.”

What a shame – after twenty years, I was able to have ‘prawn’ sandwiches again and no other veg*n food manufacturer makes anything similar. I can understand a company discontinuing a product if it fails to sell well, but it doesn’t seem like the prawns have been around long enough to give them a chance.

Oh well, we’ve still got the scampi. I will cry if they stop making the scampi. [UPDATE: Linda McCartney has stopped making the scampi too. Sniff.]

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  1. Gutted about this 🙁
    I discovered them this week due to being on offer – I now realise the offer was on because they are being discontinued!!
    Boo hoo x

  2. They have now discontinued the scampi! So sad. I couldn’t find it so I emailed and they confirmed via email yesterday.

  3. me to it there was never enough in any of the shops aways sold out even my fish eating friends loved it cant understand must be more to it you ask any one who managed to try them if they liked them you always got 10 out of 10

  4. Come on now! We all know that getting hold of Linda McCartney’s fish free scampi was like gold dust. Everyone, veggie or not loved it. And now we’re told it was withdrawn through lack of sales. When I phoned the company I was told that the suppliers could not get the ingredients and that was why they were not manufacturing fish free scampi. Or was it maybe that the ingredients were not purely vegetarian. It does make me wonder if we have not been told the whole truth. Surely a company as big as this could easily find the right ingredients for such a food that is so delicious.

    1. Interesting! I never had any trouble buying it though, it was always in both my local Tesco and Sainsbury’s. You’re right about everyone loving it – my meat-eating boyfriend loved it too.

  5. I am still mourning this…there is nothing even vaguely similar to this and barely any veggie fish style products, I loved them so much & they were almost always sold out in most of my local stores…so also don’t believe their explanation. Wish they’d give it another go!!

  6. I’m absolutely devasted, I haven’t been veggi long and when I craved fish and chips, Linda McCartney’s Scampi really hit the spot! I perferred it to the real thing. They were my favourite. I would do anything to get my hands on some.

    1. Hi Vicky. There is something dodgy going on. I have twice been on to Linda McCartney’s and have been given two explanations as to why they have stopped making fish free scampi. One was that they couldn’t get the ingredients and the other was lack of demand. Nonsense….even all my meat eating friends loved the fish free scampi! What is going on?

  7. My daughter and I loved the scampi and are so disappointed there is nothing similar to that at all! Please please rethink, or adjust the original ingredients to make it veggie friendly…….

    1. Your right about dodgy, I read they actually contained fish products, and it leaked out so they stopped them asap

          1. The Frys ones are nowhere near as good. Just can’t get anything that is as good as the Linda McCartney prawn. Such a shame no longer around.

  8. Hi all, I have just written to Quorn the other veggie company about Linda McCartney stopping making fish free scampi. They said they can’t comment on another company’s products. But said they (Quorn) did produce a fish free product but that it wasn’t up to standard so stopped. Judging by all of our comments we know for sure it isn’t through lack of demand that McCartney’s stop making fish free scampi. What is going on? I did find fish free prawns in Infinity Foods but they were very disappointing to say the least!!!!! Babs

  9. I tried the Quorn fish free products but they were a bit weird. Saying that though, I missed their Ocean Pie when they discontinued it as although it was a bit weird, it had a certain something about it. I am still in mourning for the Linda McCartney scampi though!

  10. Gutted to hear the scampi has been withdrawn. I t elt like u were eating a really special meal. I had it included into my meal for my daughters wedding. I never got to try the king prawns they didnt seem to make it to the shops were i live but i know i would have liked them.

  11. The scampi was really delicious. My husband and I only discovered in a couple of months before it was discontinued – we loved it! I also wonder if it was really fish-free, as it seems strange to discontinue a product that nobody else even makes!
    Also why does nobody make a vegetarian tuna? Hopefully one day somebody will. Bring back the scampi though!!!!

  12. Guys, for anyone unaware and still pining – check out the below page: they do countless vegan/veggie meat substitutes including at least 2 types of ‘King Prawns’. Also if anyone is commutable distance from MK, I would also recommend a visit to the restaurant as this is what first introduced me!

  13. They do home delivery by the looks of it !

    I was actually looking for lindas as Tesco online shopping is showing they have fishless scampi but I have ordered it twice and it has not come either time :o( I actually tried making my own years ago as it was so hard to get it from the shops I managed everything apart from the taste, Linda uses a flavouring that has to stay frozen and when defrosted has a short life, I think thats where the problem lay. Still missing them !

    1. Hi Claudia

      Linda McCartney brought out a new fishless scampi. I tried it but wasn’t that impressed to be honest, I much preferred the old one they did!

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