Linda McCartney Fish Free Scampi

I have found my new favourite food. Linda McCartney has done what no other vegetarian or vegan food manufacturer has managed to do before – they’ve made fish free scampi that has the taste and texture of scampi.


This stuff is amazing; tasty, juicy fish-free scampi encased in gorgeous golden, crispy breadcrumbs. After I’d finished mine, I saw The Meat Eater had two pieces left on his plate. You must share, I said. No chance, he said. He was equally impressed.

I usually hate shopping in my local Sainsbury’s as, it’s so big, it takes a day to walk from one end of it to the other, but as the scampi isn’t available at Tesco I’ll happily go to Sainsbury’s to buy some more.

Linda McCartney Fish Free Scampi is available in the chilled cabinet in Waitrose and Sainsburys for £2.75.

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  1. Agreed, well worth having to go to Sainsbury’s for, it’s the only store I’ve been to that sells them. That being the case I can’t see them being around for too long. I’m going to fill my freezer…

  2. Don’t say that, I love them! Mind you, I haven’t seen them the last couple of times I’ve been to the supermarket. Hope they don’t go the same way as the prawns.

  3. These are amazing! at first i thought i was given actual scampi! and had to check the packet! i seriously recommend these! x

  4. hiya. am trying to get Linda McCartney to bring back scampi and the king prawns. doing a petition on their wall. would you mind asking your followers if they could sign it? xxx

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