Jason Vale’s 3 day detox – Conclusion

Supplies needed for the Jason Vale 3 Day Detox
Supplies needed for the Jason Vale 3 Day Detox

I thought I’d feel something going three days without proper food. But, nothing, or at least not much, anyway. No tiredness, no energy loss, no hunger (except when it was getting up to dinnertime, but who doesn’t?), no headaches, no stomach upsets and no more grumpiness than usual. I didn’t miss chewing food and I didn’t have any mega-cravings for crisps or chocolate or any other junk, but maybe 3 days isn’t long enough for me to waiver? I did cop out of the 7 day plan, after all.

I came out the other end 3lbs lighter, with a flatter stomach and I might be imagining it, but my teeth look whiter, too.

Although the detox ended yesterday, I didn’t want to jump straight back into eating loads and put the weight back on immediately, so this morning I had a blueberry and blackberry smoothie with soya milk and for lunch I had the Popeye Power juice which is in the kids’ section of Juice Master Keeping It Simple and contains spinach, apple, pineapple, lemon and ice and as you can’t taste the spinach in it, it would be a good way of getting kids to eat something green and nasty other than bogies. Dinner will be tofu and stir-fried vegetables with Basmati rice.

I’m going to hopefully incorporate juicing into my lifestyle, not just because it’d be a waste of the £66 I spent on a juicer, but because I love smoothies for breakfast anyway (I’m not a fan of solid food first thing, so smoothies are perfect for me) and the juices are lovely (except for the ones with avocado), filling and nutritious enough for lunch.

Do I recommend it? Definitely.

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  1. Doesn’t sound very workplace friendly although I run my own business. I guess I could make up a flask. Happy to take your share of the avacados for you if you’ll eat my beetroot:)

  2. I felt pretty much the same as you on the 3 day detox – hungry at around 5.30pm but always so much better in the morning. I felt very odd going back to ‘normal’ food and have for the past 4 weeks been incorporating juicing into my daily food generally. What I found mega useful is making all my juices in the morning – only one batch of washing up! SO much easier. I’m hoping for some Sigg flasks for Christmas, or I’ll get some in the new year sales. Good luck with the juicing.

  3. I made up all the juices in one batch for the three days and put them in labelled bottles and just ate the avocado. Didn’t stick to it completely and did eat a few bits so didn’t lose any pounds but that was ok as I was using the 3 days to prepare my body for the 7 day detox which I haven’t done yet

  4. Haha, I am doing this now (I’m on day two) and I cant explain how EVERYTHING you said is exactly how I feel. Even up to your partner cooking a steak for dinner on day one… that is exactly what mine did. I have to have the whatever detox for lunch… the one with ginger and celery.. and I am NOT looking forward to it. Sounds disgusting. Although I have for the most part found them all to be quite delicious, as long as they’re cold. Totally agree he could have upped the variety though. Anyway, I just wanted to ask how you found working out whilst on this? I was advised not to, but did you feel okay? No dizziness or anything?

  5. Hi Andrea

    I was fine working out on it – I thought it might not be such a good idea but I had no dizziness or anything.

    Good luck with the rest of the juicing!

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