I’ve been grazing

Not like a cow out in the garden because we’ve run out of food but with the box I got delivered from graze.com today.  You can design your own box for when you get an attack of the munchies and want something healthier than a KitKat (or in my case, a Nutrageous bar, man those things are good!) or let them choose and you can tell them what you do or don’t like or are willing to try.

It turned up in the post today just like they said it would and it’s in a nice neat box

graze-002and I open it to reveal what they’ve sent me and I’ve got a nice big amount of cherries, a milkshake mix which is white chocolate, strawberries and sun-dried bananas.  I’m not keen on dried fruit, but I told them I’d give it a go but to make up for the dried bananas and strawberries, they’ve sent me some hot chilli cashews. 

graze 004If you’d like to try a box for free, with the second half price (you can cancel your order at any time), go to www.graze.com and enter the code HQTGF3G.

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  1. Cool, mine was really nice. I’m not usually a fan of dried fruit but I liked the strawberry and banana, it wasn’t dry and crispy like you get in cereal, if you know what I mean.

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