Irish Diet Yogurts

I usually avoid any food that has the word ‘diet’ on the packaging. Everyone’s on a diet, all the time. It may not be a healthy diet, but it’s still a diet.

Anyway, because my usual Activia yoghurts (I don’t know if Activia spell their yoghurt with an ‘h’, I’m assuming they don’t, as no one seems to spell it with an ‘h’ anymore, but I like the ‘h’, so I’m going to use it) had gone up by 20p, I looked for a cheaper alternative but I didn’t want one with too many calories. I saw the Irish Diet Yogurts on Tesco’s shelf at £1.25 for 4, looked at the calorie count (which was 67 per 125g pot) and decided to give them a go.

Due to the dreaded D-word, I was expecting a yoghurt that was thin and tasteless. These Irish Diet Yogurts were thick, creamy and full of bits of fruit and don’t deserve to have the off-putting D-word on the packaging.

Sorry, Activia – I won’t be eating your yoghurt anymore, I’m on a diet.

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