Giveaway: Win a Vegan Easter Egg Bundle!

Vegan easter egg bundle

Vegans and those with a dairy intolerance don’t have to miss out on all that Easter chocolate – there are plenty of alternatives in the shops and supermarkets and, if you’d like to get your hands on all the dairy-free chocolate in the photo, then you’re in luck, as I’ve got a vegan Easter bundle giveaway comprising:

  • A Dairy Free Easter Hen Plus 3 Additional Easter Eggs!
  • 3 x Moo Free Easter Eggs
  • Hotel Chocolat Bunnies
  • Free From Chocolate Buttons

Terms & Conditions

UK entries only.
One winner will be picked at random after the closing date of Sunday 9 April 2017.

Enter via the Rafflecopter widget below – good luck!

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  1. There’s been a real explosion of good vegan chocolate over the last few years, and I’m so pleased there’s more of it around at Easter too!

  2. Would be ​a lovely treat for my granddaughter and nephew Chocolate without animal fat would make a lovely change

  3. What a fab bundle- thankfully it’s so much easier now to get vegan chocolate eggs so everyone can enjoy them at Easter.

  4. What a great bundle of chocolate goodness! My nice and nephew would certainly appreciate it and I may keep one or two just for me if I am lucky enough to win 😉

  5. I’m intolerant to cow dairy & I’ve never been brave enough to try lacto free so finding chocolate that is dairy free is hard. I LOVE Moo Free chocolate. It would be lovely to try the other chocolate too 🙂 x

  6. this looks like an amazing selection.Never tried the hotel chocolat before.Im dairy free so these would be lovely.Thankyou x

  7. It’s good to know there’s dairy free products out there for my grandson brilliant giveaway thank you such a lovely prize

  8. Happy early easter to you! thank you so much for the awesome giveaway, love vegan chocolate and finding new brands 😀

  9. My granddaughter went vegan recently I know she misses chocolate so would love to try these. Thanks

  10. I have tried the Moo Free plain egg but I’d love to try the others. It’s good that you can buy so many different vegan easter eggs these days.

  11. So nice that everyone can enjoy an Easter treat regardless of dietary preferences or restrictions. Chocolate with a conscience 🙂

  12. This is a great prize, if I won I would split it between my dairy free friend and my vegan friend 🙂

  13. This looks like an amazing competition. These are usually expensive or hard to find so it’s nice to have the chance to win some.

  14. I would like to win this for my daughter, also my friend have two children who are dairy intolorent, it would be a lovely treat for them

  15. This would be ideal for my nephew who is vegan. He would be over the moon if I gave these to him

  16. Have one of the honeycomb ones in the cupboard and trying SO hard to not break into it yet. Love their stuff!

  17. It’s so good to see vegan options becoming more mainstream. I think it actually has more to do with the rise of dairy allergies and intolerances but it’s still a step forward.

  18. It’s great to have the option of dairy free chocolate, and as it becomes more mainstream it helps to cater for everyone.

  19. What a lovely giveaway! So many yummy options for people who don’t want to have animal products in their diet.

  20. I read that your dairy intolerance increases as you get older – great excuse for eating more Moo eggs then? 😉

  21. Thank you for a great giveaway, it really helps that they are vegan/dairy free as I suffer with asthma and am dairy intolerant.

  22. What a lovely selection of chocolates! We’re dairy free in our house, but have yet to find a decent chocolate substitute. I’m sure a selection like this would help!

  23. Lovely prize, perfect for including all my children and nieces and nephews.
    Best of luck everyone.

  24. Never tried Vegan chocolate and with all the information in the press about the diary farming practise perhaps this is a good opportunity to convert the kids.

  25. so great that vegans don’t have to miss out on all the chocolate fun 😀 Fingers crossed on this one!

  26. This sounds fantastic! Have been worrying about Easter since becoming more environmentally aware and animal friendly. Hope to win 🙂

  27. What an amazing giveaway! I have so much to pay out for at the moment (moving home, Husbands birthday, broken printer, car MOT and tax and insurance etc!), this would be a lovely treat!

  28. I became vegan on the 1st January 2017, and am loving it! I was so sad about having to miss out on easter until I saw this giveaway! Would so love to win!

  29. I’d love to win this for my best friend. She’s been so good to me and I could never repay her kindness but this would go a little way towards it!

  30. Oh this looks wonderful! It would be perfect for my sister and means she doesn’t need to miss out on delicious Easter treats.

  31. My little vegan bunny would love to munch these for Easter…If Mum could resist them long enough to share.

  32. Ooh, what a fab treat! I’ve tried the buttons before, but none of the others, would love to see what they all taste like!

  33. I’ve recently transitioned from veggie to vegan and I would looooove to try some of these amazing products!

  34. I am very curious as to what vegan Easter goodies will taste like in comparison to ordinary chocolate eggs etc.

  35. Great prize 🙂

    Who says that vegan’s can’t enjoy Easter when you have a selection like this.

  36. Thanks for taking the time to host a giveaway, the bundle contains a variety of products which means there’s something for everyone in the family.

  37. Although not a vegan myself, I have several friends who are and I would love to share these eggs with them (if I were lucky!)

  38. Love Moo Free! This would be awesome for my little vegan family, thanks for the chance to win. I’ve been dying to try the Hotel Chocolat vegan range since I heard they had one, so I might have to reserve that bit for me! lol

  39. What a brilliant bundle 🙂 It’s so nice to see how much the dairy free easter chocolate range has expanded over the years – I would always have to miss out when I was young 🙁

  40. this looks fabulous although I am not vegan I am lactose intolerant so would be able to eat these 🙂

  41. This would be a fab pressie for the kids and for us, as my partner is a vegan although I’m not, but we try to eat healthily xx

  42. This is fantastic, I would give it to my friends little boy who is allergic to dairy, my little boy was too but luckily has grown out of it.

  43. Thank you for the awesome giveaway. It’s great that people with intolerances don’t have to miss the chocolatey fun of Easter.

  44. superb would be just perfect for my husband and keep him in a great mood and not sneaking the boys

  45. We’ve been dairy free for the last six months and it would be nice to share a semi-normal Easter this year.

  46. Absolutely fabulous bundle! So difficult to find good vegan Easter chocolate and these look amazing, fingers crossed!

  47. I think this is such a fab prize, and I love that their is so much choice for vegan’s now and people who can’t eat dairy products as easter is full of dairy!!

  48. I am Dairy free and Vegan because of excema and ethical reasons. My skin has improved no end and I think about my diet and ensure I get everything I need with the masses of alternatives out there.

  49. Thank you for giving away these goodies. My grand daughter was diagnosed as being intolerant to all dairy products when she was a baby and these would be perfect for her.

  50. Please accept subscription via e-mail, as message stating error when I followed instructions given. Nice prize. Easter is a nice time of year. A Happy Celebration.

  51. I would love to win this for my good friend who is vegan. She never gets to have an egg at easter so this would be a great win for me!

  52. My grandaughter Luna is vegan. I have bought the Moo bars for her before. The chocolate orange one is lovely

  53. This would be great for my daughter she is celiac recently become vegan it would be a real tSreat.

  54. chocolate has come a long way since I first became a vegan – it was quite awful, but happy to say times and things have changed, and these look delicious xx

  55. I would love to try these and see how they taste and see if they taste as delicious as they look ⛥

  56. This would be just perfect for my niece & nephew who both have to have dairy free and these treats are so lovely. Great prize!

  57. I haven’t gotten anything for Easter yet and I’m panicking lol! This would definitely help.

  58. Wow I would love to try I’m also thinking of going vegan so I’m intrigued thanks for the chance

  59. Fantastic selection of chocolates, something for everyone here! Fingers crossed I win of course

  60. Perfect giveaway for my daughter who can’t eat dairy chocolate, and is a veggie too! Lovely selection of treats, great to see vegans/veggies more catered for

  61. its nice to see that more areas are catering for people who are vegan its about time fingers crossed would love to win this definitely a vegans ideal easter gift

  62. This would be just perfect for my neice Ariana who has allergies. I really wish more shops stocked these items. So hard to find them in supermarkets!

  63. What a lovely prize. Just because you are vegan or vegetarian shouldn’t mean missing out on delicious stuff.

  64. Loving this giveaway! Perfect gift for my mum who’s dairy free. She’d love this! She always gets left out at Easter, but this would really cheer her up!

  65. Sometimes we feel we miss out because we prefer or need certain foods but this bundle is fab, and really looks eggciting !

  66. I would be so mooved if I was to win this amazing hamper!!
    What a cracking competition so close to Easter!

  67. My wife used to love chocolate until she lost 4 stone and now has a lactose intollerance and cannot eat any dairy either , So would love to win this bundle for a nice surprise for her. If she eats chocolate she has severe stomach cramps and sweats

  68. Lovely prize – the best chocolates I’ve ever had were dairy free, booja booja champagne truffles. Sheer bliss!

  69. This would be perfect as I am gluten and dairy free, as eating gluten and dairy makes me ill, it would be nice to have my own Easter eggs that the kids won’t eat

  70. Wonderful prize myself and my family are all vegetarians its great to see websites dedicated to vegans and vegetarians.

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