Fruitdrop: fresh fruit delivered to the workplace


If you work somewhere where the kitchen is always filled with cakes and biscuits because it’s always someone’s birthday, get your boss to get in touch with Fruitdrop.

Fruitdrop delivers boxes of fresh fruit to workplaces and with each box containing approximately 50 pieces of fresh fruit for the bargain amount of £20 per box (or even cheaper if more than one box is ordered), it’s fantastic value for money.

They sent me a box bursting with bananas, seedless grapes, satsumas (or they might have been clementines – I don’t know the difference), peaches, pears, apples, oranges and plums. That’s been my breakfast sorted for the last couple of weeks.

Unfortunately, Fruitdrop only delivers to workplaces which is a shame as, if you love your fruit and are into juicing and making smoothies, it would be ideal and a lot cheaper than buying from a supermarket or other box scheme.

Find out more information at the Fruitdrop website.

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