Food for Fitness: Muesli bars

I did a lot of exercise last week (running, cycling, cardio machines, gym classes) and wasn’t eating enough calories to keep me going, so I thought I’d better make something healthy to snack on and give me energy.

Anita Bean’s Food for Fitness is always the book I turn to when I want to make something tasty, but healthy. It’s primarily a sports nutrition guide, but it also contains over 200 recipes; not all of them are vegetarian but there are plenty that are.

Anita Bean has written numerous sports nutrition books and although I read somewhere that she’s a lifelong vegetarian (with a name like ‘Bean’, you’d have to be really, wouldn’t you?), she hasn’t written a completely vegetarian sports nutrition book which surprises me, as there’s a definite gap in the market there.

Still, this isn’t a sports nutrition blog, so I’ll get on with the recipe for the muesli bars.

Muesli bars (makes 12)

175g oats
75g muesli
150g dried fruit mixture, e.g. raisins, dates, apricots, figs, apple, pineapple
3 heaped tsp honey
2 eggs whites
175ml apple juice

Combine the oats, muesli and dried fruit in a bowl

Warm the honey in a small saucepan until it is runny. Add to the bowl

Stir in the remaining ingredients

Press the mixture into a lightly oiled 18x28cm baking tin. Bake at 180C/gas mark 4 for 20-25 minutes until golden. When cool, cut into bars.

Per serving (1 bar)
Energy 141 kcal
Protein 3.4 g
Fat 1.9g
Carbohydrate 30 g
Fibre 1.9g


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  1. That looks yummy. I was a bit disappointed when I looked for a veggie sports nutrition book and could only find vegan ones during my admittedly half-arsed search.

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