Fish free prawn sandwich

Everyone always says that it’s bacon sandwiches they miss when they become vegetarian. I was never a huge bacon fan but what I did love were prawns. I said on a previous post how much I love Linda McCartney’s Fish Free Scampi, and I’m still eating that at least once a week but now I can have my one true love – prawns! (I never did find out if prawns and scampi are the same thing?)

It’s been over twenty years since I last had a prawn sandwich and as I’ve got two bags of Linda McCartney Fish Free Prawns in the freezer, I thought I’d see what they were like in between two slices of bread.


The prawns need to be cooked first (90 seconds in the microwave, or fry for 10 minutes), then left to cool. I mixed the prawns up with some mayonnaise, black pepper and chilli powder, then topped with a few slices of cucumber.


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