Crafty Nectar Craft Cider Review & Giveaway

Crafty Nectar cider subscription box

Cider’s had a varied reputation over the years. For me, it was the first alcoholic drink I started drinking regularly (42p a half down The George in Wanstead in 1985 when I was 15 [ssh, don’t tell my mum]). After my early years of drinking sweet Woodpecker underage in the pub, I progressed onto what I thought were more sophisticated dry ciders such as Diamond White and Merrydown (okay, I only drank Merrydown to get hammered, like everyone else, but Diamond White and Merrydown came in glass bottles and not tins, so I thought they were posh). But apart from cider being the tipple of teenagers, other images conjured up by cider drinkers are:

a) The Wurzels (if you don’t know who they are, they had a hit with ‘I Am A Cider Drinker’ in 1976 – check out the video here – which they inexplicably updated in 2007 with a new video featuring Tony Blackburn; and b) homeless people clutching 2-litre plastic bottles of strong cider, usually containing ‘White’ in its name.

Then cider reinvented itself, becoming no longer just for underage girls, scruffy country bumpkins masquerading as popstars and homeless people (oh, and my friend Gary). Cider got trendy and started appearing in bars and supermarkets in flavours other than apple (much to the horror and disgust of my friend Gary who believes cider should only – with the exception of perry – be apple-flavour). Now you can get cider in all kinds of flavours such as toffee apple, strawberry & lime, and mixed fruit. However, most of the flavoured ciders you can buy in shops and bars are mass-produced and full of chemicals, flavourings and not much fruit content. Crafty Nectar wanted to offer people something different and created a way to bring traditionally made, artificial-flavouring-free and high-juice-content cider to cider-lovers everywhere. They source each cider on their website from small, independent producers and deliver it straight to your door – whether it’s a gift, a one-off order or a monthly subscription. Not only are their ciders high in juice content and artificial-flavouring-free, they’re also gluten-free and suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Crafty Nectar sent me a box of three ciders to try, along with tasting notes telling me about the cider and what food it goes with. I’m going to be honest here and say I haven’t actually tried any of them yet because I broke my foot three weeks ago and I’m abstaining while it heals (although the ciders look so gorgeous, I think my abstinence will be put on hold at the weekend). But I can show you what they look like and tell you all about them.

Angioletti – Rosé – 4% ABV

Angioletti rose cider

Man, I want to try this so badly. I mean, rosé with blueberry? This is right up my cidery street and I want to drink this in the garden on a hot summer’s day. But, alas – it’s March in the UK and there was snow last week and now it’s raining and the heating’s been on since October so, sod summer, this’ll do indoors on a cold night instead. This Italian craft cider is made in the same way as Prosecco but using apples and blueberry instead of grapes. Crafty Nectar says it’s good with dishes such as roast peach, basil and buffalo mozzarella salad but I think Crafty Nectar may have had too much of their own cider because… roast peach in a salad? Really?

West Milton Cider Co – Lancombe Rising – 5% ABV

Lancombe Rising cider

Lancombe Rising is a naturally sparkling cider made using the ancient art of Keeving, which produces a full-flavoured fermentation. This award-winning cider goes well with seitan and Linda McCartney Quarterpounders (okay, the tasting notes said red meats like beef, but this is a veggie blog so seitan and LM burgers it is).

Kentish Pip – Wild Summer Elderflower – 4% ABV

Kentish Pip Wild Summer Elderflower cider

I made elderflower champagne a couple of years ago with elderflowers from the garden. I was too scared to drink it though as I had a three-week hangover just from giving it a sniff. But I do love elderflower drinks so I’m looking forward to trying this Wild Summer Elderflower cider from Kentish Pip. It’s infused with pollen and nectar from wild elderflowers picked on their farm and the surrounding countryside. Doesn’t that sound beautifully bucolic? Crafty Nectar says it’s fantastic with a picnic or with soft vegetable dishes like roast squash, aubergine or pumpkin. Yes to all of the above please.

Crafty Nectar craft artisan cider

This is just a tiny selection of the cider Crafty Nectar has to offer. As the UK’s 1st craft cider subscription box company, you can have a box sent to your door or desk each month containing either 6 (the Taster box) or 12 (the Discovery box) different and unique craft ciders. You don’t have to get a subscription though; you can pick and mix or send a gift or you can win a Discovery box of 6 ciders in my giveaway below!

Giveaway – Win a Crafty Nectar Cider Discovery Box

I’m offering one reader of Planet Veggie the chance to win a Discovery box of 6 craft ciders from Crafty Nectar. Just enter via the Rafflecopter widget below. Good luck! If you don’t win, or can’t wait to find out if you have won, Planet Veggie readers can use the code ‘CRAFTY10’ for 10% off all subscriptions and cider gifts. Click here to be taken to the Crafty Nectar website where 10% will be applied at checkout.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thanks to Crafty Nectar for sending me some cider to review and for supplying the prize.

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  1. My throats so dry its fit to burst I need something quick to stop my thirst, ask yourself what could be finer than a great big bottle of cider? I want it flowing to my brain I want my head to spin again,I want to fool around and shout but unfortunately the shop has run out…

  2. Ooh the rose one looks posh. Did you ever have blastaways? Castaway which was a weird fruity wine thing and diamond white… student night special in Luton!

  3. I love ‘real’ ciders and have not seen these before. Worth a try I think, so I shal wait by the letter box…. 🙂

  4. Everyone thought I was strange when I was younger because I was drinking Ciders instead of lagers like the other “Lads” . Glad I stuck to Cider much nicer drink.

  5. Oooh, I would love to try this. I’m a wine girl at the weekend, but I like to try different things for my ‘Tuesday Tipple’ treat.

  6. I love cider, the elderflower one would be great to try as I’ve not seen it before. Thanks for running the competition 🙂

  7. I would usually give cider to my husband who is Coeliac and cannot drink beers unless they are gluten free,so cider is ideal for him. But these ciders look delicious so if I win I might insist he shares !

  8. Great prize, lovely looking gift but would love to try these ciders for myself rather than give them away

  9. Nothing better than a drink of cider. A lovely selection here too. Would love to try these brands. Thanks for the chance x

  10. Growing up cider was gor getting drunk quickly (diamond white & K). It put me off for a few years. Glad I tried it again as was certainly missing out. Craft ciders are delicious. Refreshing and unique flavours. Perfect for sitting outside in the sun with

  11. Love to try new, quality ciders and haven’t heard of crafty nectar before – thanks for the heads up!

  12. Would love to win this for my partner. Quality ciders are his favourite tipple. These would make a great alternative to an Easter Egg! Thank you for offering this lovely giveaway.

  13. I do enjoy a good quality cider especially in the garden in the summer sunshine not too long to wait now.

  14. I like cider- I get a fancy for it when the nights become lighter and the signs of Spring appear. But I’d love to try something beyond standard supermarket offerings!

  15. I love cider and give new ones a try as they come out but Ive never had Elderflower cider. I love elderlower and appple wine and fruit juice tho.

  16. Now these sound really interesting. I’m not a fan of the mainstream brands’ flavour variations but these sound like they would actually taste of something beyond a vaguely fruity sugary thing, especially the Angioletti!

  17. We love cider, it goes perfectly with a cheese fondue (yes we are old fashioned lol) and lovely when the sun is shining at a picnic or just sitting in the garden

  18. I find it so annoying that so many ciders, beers, & wines are not vegan. I’m a vegetarian who brews my own beer and all thats needed to make it vegan is patience. Cider / Beer / Wine doesn’t need finings, it will clear itself naturally if left just a little longer. I’m currently enjoying a finings-free beer (honestly, as I write this I am)which is as clear as any I’ve ever had, it just took a bit longer to clear. I do love cider though, I love it as much as beer but I don’t have either access to enough apples or a press to extract the juice – so I can’t make cider, but I really would love to win some that I can be confident hasn’t been cleared by dead fishy swim bladders!

  19. I love cider and over the years, so many different flavours have been released. This is a great way to try some and would go down a treat on a hot summer’s day!

  20. Cider is my favourite drink, so this would be a great prize for me. A nice summer would be had 🙂

  21. I love cider and I always stick to the same old stuff, it would be lovely to try out something new. Thank you for the chance.

  22. Oh my – craft ciders now – would love to try somewith the family in the garden with some nice food!

  23. Thank you so much for this great giveaway and i do have to admit i enjoy a nice cider on the weekend.

  24. i love cider, always check if there are any special or unusual ciders available when I order drinks 🙂

  25. I love the different fruit ciders and the elderflower one sounds delicious perfect on a hot day with a nice ploughmans or salad.

  26. Love cider but I seldom treat myself so would be great to win. Looking forwards to Spring and sitting outside drinking 🙂

  27. That elderflower flavoured one does sound worth a try. I love elderflower drinks, and I rather like cider, so sounds perfect.

  28. Ooh, this would be a lovely win for my other half (I’m pregnant so can’t partake myself at the moment! 🙁 )

  29. We’re a beer drinking household but we could ‘discover’ a new fave if we win this prize – thank you xx

  30. OMG. Just seen a post about Blastaways. In Durham we poured a bottle of castaway and a bottle of diamond white into a pint glass then filled it up with Vodka. Well we were teenagers

  31. This is a great idea. I like ciders,but never know which not choose. This would make cider drinking a lot of fun.

  32. I’d really like to try this, i’ve never had craft cider before! (which is shocking because i call myself a cider drinker!!)

  33. Would love to win, I love a good cider and my girlfriend absolutely loves anything with elderflower in it!

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