Froothie Optimum P200 Dehydrator Review


A big, black, shiny beast came to stay. No, not a black labrador (my cat would pack her bags) but the new Optimum P200 Dehydrator from Froothie. I’ve been happily using my old dehydrator for the last year but that’s a round one and although it did its job, I’d heard square ones were better for the following reasons:

  • The heat in a square dehydrator is evenly distributed – top to bottom and front to back – so you don’t have to keep switching the trays around while whatever’s inside is drying. Round dehydrators are heated from the bottom, so the bottom gets most of the heat, so you have to keep switching the trays around.
  • Round dehydrators have a hole in the middle of each tray which a) means it takes longer to dehydrate the food; and b) means you’re losing space on each tray and makes it more difficult to make things like fruit leathers/roll-ups/crackers, etc.
  • With a square dehydrator, you can take all the trays out and prove bread and make yoghurt inside the machine (no, I have no idea how; I just know you can). If you took all the trays off a round dehydrator, you’d just be left with the base.

So, when Froothie said, ‘Miss Ambassador Cathy, would you like one of our new dehydrators?’, although part of me thought, ‘I already have a dehydrator. I know how big they are. If I get any more kitchen gadgets – let alone big ones – The Meat Eater is going to go nuts’, the other, much bigger, gadget-loving part of me thought, ‘HELL YEAH’.  Besides, I thought I’d be able to sell my old one on one of those Facebook local selling pages. ‘Thought’ being the operative word as, although I’ve sold a slow cooker on there recently, no one wants my old juicer and I reckon if I want to tempt someone to buy my old dehydrator I’ll have to put in the description that it can make chips. I just won’t tell them I meant kale chips.

Optimum P200 Dehydrator

The Optimum P200 dehydrator comes with a user guide with the usual operating instructions and do’s and don’ts. One of the ‘don’ts’ is ‘do not use with an extension lead’, and although it’s not even just a ‘don’t’ but a ‘warning’, I happily used it for a few days plugged into an extension lead because it was too big and noisy to live in the kitchen and so I moved it to the conservatory where there was nowhere near a wall socket into which to plug it. It was only yesterday when The Meat Eater complained about the noise of it (he does weights in the conservatory) that I mentioned it shouldn’t be plugged into an extension cable and did he know why. He did know why. He said ‘because too much power will go through and it’ll catch on fire’. Oops. It’s now unplugged and I’m going to rearrange the conservatory and find it a nice safe wall socket to plug it into.

Also in the user guide is some advice on how to prepare your fruit and veg before putting it in the dehydrator, and also how long to dry it for. As you can see in the above photo, there’s also a little guide on the top of the dehydrator, along with the temperature dial and 40-hour digital timer.

P200 dehydrator meshes and plastic sheets

The dehydrator also comes with 2 x non-stick reusable meshes for placing on top or underneath the fruit and veg being dried, and 2 x non-stick reusable plastic sheets for fruit leathers/roll-ups, cookies and crackers, etc., along with a brush to clean the meshes and sheets with.

Tofu jerky in the dehydrator

Since receiving my dehydrator, I’ve made tofu jerky and mushroom jerky in it, which have both been amazing and only take a few hours. I especially love the tofu jerky, which is simply tofu sliced and marinated in a combination of sriracha, vegan Worcestershire Sauce and liquid smoke, then dehydrated at 60C for about 4 hours (it’ll take less or more time depending on how thick you slice the tofu).

Mushroom jerky and tofu jerky

The mushroom jerky (mushrooms sliced and marinated in Reggae Reggae Sauce and dehydrated at 60C for about 6 hours) is great in wraps and stuffed in pitta bread with salad. With summer coming (we’ll forget it snowed today, yeah?), that means long walks and bike rides in the countryside and I’ve got it in mind to make some fruit roll-ups to take with me for an energy boost.

If you’re tempted to get a dehydrator but not sure you’d get much use out of one, you can try the Optimum P200 Dehydrator for 30 days and if you don’t like it, Froothie are offering a money back guarantee – including return postage costs – so why not give it a go?

*Disclaimer: I am an Ambassador for Froothie and any links to their products in this post are affiliate links which, if you purchase a product through, won’t cost you any more but will earn me a small commission. I only endorse products I am happy with and I have not been paid for this post.





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Tofuture Tofu Press Review: No More Soggy Tofu!

Tofuture Tofu Press

When the postman knocked on the door and handed me the Tofuture Tofu Press, I hadn’t been so excited about a few pieces of plastic since getting my first Spirograph in the early 80s. As you’ve probably guessed, you don’t draw pretty pictures with the Tofuture Tofu Press though; you press tofu with it.

As anyone knows, tofu needs pressing. It needs pressing to make it edible; unpressed tofu is a gungy, spongy, soggy block of slime and I wish I’d learnt about pressing it earlier than I did. Now I have learnt to press tofu, I eat it regularly (you can check out my tofu recipes here) but the one thing I was missing was something practical and convenient to press it with. My method was to wrap the tofu in reams of kitchen roll and then press it between two saucers – either quickly with my hands or for longer with heavy objects balanced on top. Although both methods work to an extent, they have their failings – I had visions of the saucers snapping and slicing my hands with the hand method and the last time I used the heavy objects method, I balanced a cast iron frying pan on the top saucer, then balanced my Nutribullet on top of the frying pan. I was happily playing on my computer upstairs when I heard a crash in the kitchen. On investigation, I found the frying pan had slipped off the saucer and bashed into the wall, breaking a kitchen wall tile. A brand new kitchen wall tile in the BRAND NEW KITCHEN THE MEAT EATER HAD ONLY JUST PUT TOGETHER WITH HIS OWN FAIR HANDS. Oh man, was I in trouble. Luckily, the Meat Eater had had a tax rebate or something and was in a good mood and when I confessed what I’d done (I couldn’t really not confess – there was a big hole in the kitchen wall where a tile should have been) he just shrugged.


Unsurprisingly, ever since then, I’ve been nervous about using the ‘stack a load of heavy shit on it’ tofu-pressing method, so when Tofuture offered to send me one of their tofu presses, I got mega-excited. As in HALLELUJAH PRAISE THE TOFU-PRESSING LORD excited.

Tofuture tofu press

The Tofuture Tofu Press is small, compact and no bigger than it needs to be. It comes in three pieces, which all stack neatly inside each other.

Tofuture tofu press

I had a block of tofu (just the normal block of Cauldron you can find in all supermarkets) in the fridge, waiting to be pressed and because I’m a geek and wanted a before and after comparison, I measured it first. Please excuse the dirty ruler (and in case you’re wondering what para it’s ruling out, it’s parasites [the ruler was a freebie from the vet]. I have nothing against paramedics or paralegals).

Before the tofu was pressed

The tofu fits perfectly inside the inner tub.

Tofu about to be pressed

The inner tub is placed inside the main tub (which will catch the water), then the top is placed over the inner tub and you pull down the elastic bands over the hooks, then pull the clasps back, which will cause the top to press down on the tofu, squeezing the water out.

Tofuture tofu press

The elastic bands are quite difficult to get over the hooks but if the bands were slack, then there’d be no pressure on the tofu and no water would get squeezed out and then it wouldn’t be a tofu press; it’d just be a tofu container.

Tofuture tofu press

As mentioned above, the tofu press is compact and when your tofu is sitting safely inside it, it fits beautifully in your fridge, nestled in amongst whatever it is you keep in your fridge (mine had a respectable amount of vegetables in it when I took this photo; sometimes it only contains beer and chocolate, but I didn’t borrow these vegetables just for the photo, honest. Although, that’s an embarrassing amount of plastic *makes mental note to reinstate Riverford veg box and stop buying plastic-wrapped veg from Tesco*).

The Tofuture tofu press fits neatly in your fridge

Although I’d planned to leave the tofu pressing for a few hours, after an hour, I couldn’t resist a peek. I took the tofu press out of the fridge and could feel the water sploshing around in the bottom and when I poured it out, there was 100ml of water.

Water pressed from tofu after 1 hour

After five hours had passed, I took the tofu out of the fridge and poured out the water that had collected since I’d emptied it and there was another 25ml.

Water pressed from tofu after five hours

And as you can see, the tofu had shrunk by about half (in case you can’t be bothered to scroll back up, it was 4cm high before being pressed).

Tofu after pressing

And guess what I made with my newly pressed tofu (after marinading it in the press – another use for it)? I’ll give you a clue – it was on a Friday. Yep, tofush! I’m not lying when I say this is the best tofush I’ve made so far – whether that’s down to the Tofuture Tofu Press or my immense tofu-battering skillz or a combination of both, I don’t know. All I know is that I’m very happy with the press and will be using it to press all my tofu in the future. No more broken kitchen wall tiles, yay.

Tofush and chips

How to get your hands on a Tofuture Tofu Press 

Okay, so now you want one of these tofu presses, don’t you? You’ve got a few options: you can either:

a) buy one direct from the Tofuture website for £25; or

b) buy one on Amazon for £25; or

c) buy one from Tofuture in person at Brighton VegFest (it’s over now) or London VegFest for £20; or

d) enter the competition on the Tofuture website to win one for absolutely no money at all (I’d go for that one if I were you). (Update: The competition is now closed.)

The Tofuture Tofu Press is Vegetarian Society Approved and Vegan Society Approved. For more information, visit the Tofuture website.

I’d like to give Tofuture approximately twenty-six billion thanks for sending me one of their tofu presses to review. All my gushing is genuine. I fucking love this thing. 

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Summer Fruit Superfood Smoothie with Acai Berry Powder

Acai berry powder smoothie

I may not know whether they do any good or not but I do like to add superfoods to my smoothies. Except for spirulina – there’s just no disguising the rancid taste or smell of that stuff.

I’m happy to say the acai berry powder Selva Organic sent me neither smells nor tastes rancid. It’s also a dark purple colour, which pleases my inner goth. Acai berry powder is loaded with omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids, fibre, protein and other nutrients and yesterday a spoonful of it went into my lunchtime smoothie.

Despite moaning inwardly there weren’t any bananas left to have in my smoothie, this smoothie of kiwi fruit, frozen summer fruit, cashews, dates, acai berry powder, soya milk and water is now up in my top ten smoothies. It goes to show you should always keep a bag of frozen fruit in the freezer for those bananaless emergencies.

Selva Organic don’t just sell acai berry powder – they have a 14-strong range of South American superfoods starting at £5.99. To check out their range and for more information on the benefits of superfoods, visit the Selva Organic website.

Veganuary Day 13 – Dinner 

For dinner last night we had vegan chilli on jacket potatoes again, with mine being topped with Violife vegan cheese and home made vegan sour cream. As I made it last week and posted a pic of it then and it didn’t look any different last night, in true Blue Peter style, here’s one I made earlier.

Jacket potato with vegan chilli, cheese and sour cream
Jacket potato with vegan chilli, cheese and sour cream

Tomorrow (Friday), I’ve decided I’m going to go into town and be brave and order a hot chocolate in Caffè Nero with soya milk (I know… I know… on a bravery scale of 1-10, it’s not even on the scale. My scale begins at minus-something). I’ve checked Caffè Nero’s website and they do a vegan houmous and falafel wrap and if they’ve sold out of them when I get there, I’m going to have the hump as it will be my first purposely vegan meal outside of the house.

I’ll report back on my vegan food foraging on Saturday.




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Healthy Vegan Snacks for Veganuary

Perkier Quinoa Bars

If you’ve been following my journey through Veganuary so far, you’d be forgiven for thinking I’ve turned into a junk food vegan. And I’d have to forgive you for thinking that because, apart from my Nutriblasts/smoothies, my Veganuary diet has been – to be blunt – shit.

Even if my main meals haven’t been that bad, my snacks have been – I’ve been munching Oat Flips, Oreos (not all Oreos are vegan so check the packet for milk), crisps and chocolate on a daily basis and vegan junk food is still junk.

Yes, I could have made my own; it’s not like I’ve never made healthy snacks before, for example, my Oat, Date & Sultana Energy  BallsRaw Vegan Banana Bread Biscuits, or my Raw Vegan Strawberry and Coconut Macaroons but I haven’t quite shaken off that post-Christmas slump yet.

The snacks below were sent to me at the end of last year for a ‘healthy new year’ type post but fortuitously enough, they just so happen to be vegan, too. So, if you’re still in the post-Christmas slump and haven’t quite worked up the energy to make yourself some healthy snacks yet, have a look at these.

The Snack Organisation – Lightly Salted Rice Crackers

Snack Organisation Lightly Salted Rice Crakcers

Don’t confuse these Lightly Salted Rice Crackers from The Snack Organisation with those round polystyrene ceiling tiles you can get (although I do like those); those are rice cakes, not crackers and a completely different thing. For one thing, you couldn’t shove a load of those in your mouth at once like you can these, if you’re that unladylike (or ungentlemantly like), that is. If you are that unladylike and want to shove a handful in your mouth at once, that handful will only contain about 100 calories, and they’re low in fat, too.

Say yay to the rice cracker.

There are two other flavours in the range – teriyaki, and sweet chilli – but as they contain milk, they’re only suitable for vegetarians, not vegans. These lightly salted ones are suitable for vegetarians and vegans though.

The Snack Organisation’s Rice Crackers are available from Tesco, priced at £1.

Perkier Quinoa Bars

Perkier Quinoa Bars

In case you aren’t annoying your friends enough with your healthy lifestyle, you can annoy them even further by acting like a smartarse by correcting them when they see your new snack bar and ask you what ‘quee-noah’ is.

I first saw Perkier’s quinoa bars in Asda (which, to be honest, isn’t the first place I’d go to to look for quinoa-based noms) and picked one up out of interest/because it was on special offer and only cost about 10p. I enjoyed it and so when Perkier emailed me and asked if I’d like some to review on my blog I wasn’t going to say no.

These quinoa bars come in four varieties:

  • Cashew, Chia & Pumpkin Seed
  • Goji & Cranberry
  • Cacao & Cashew
  • Cranberry & Cashew Oat bar enhanced with sprouted buckwheat

and all have ‘vegan’ printed on the label, so you don’t even have to take my doing-veganuary-and-now-you-think-you’re-a-flipping-expert-on-veganism-don’t-you word for it.

For more information and stockists, visit the Perkier website.

Follow Perkier on Twitter
Like Perkier on Facebook

Tribe Snacks

Tribe Snacks

Tribe Snacks are a bit different as they’re not something you can buy in the shops – it’s a box subscription service which means you subscribe to Tribe and they send you a box of snacks on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis.

Although they’re geared mostly towards runners and triathletes, they’re suitable for anyone who has an active life and is looking to eat healthily.

For more information, visit the Tribe website.

Thanks to the Snack Organisation, Perkier and Tribe for sending me their products to try. That should keep me off the junk food for a while.




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31Dover – Your Drinks, Delivered logo

A few years ago, I made chilli vodka with the chillies harvested in the summer. It was as simple as simply bunging some chillies into a bottle of vodka, then waiting six weeks for it to do its chilli-infusing thing.

Had I’d known about back then, I could have saved myself the six week wait, put the chillies on a pizza instead and ordered a bottle of 31Dover’s Naga Chilli Vodka, which would have arrived with me the next day.

However, I didn’t know about 31Dover back then and, after reading the blurb about their Naga Chilli Vodka (‘… a ridiculously hot vodka straight from the bowels of hell’), I’m not sure I’d have been brave enough to try it anyway.

What I did fancy trying though was their Two Birds Christmas Spiced Vodka, which is what I chose after 31Dover got in touch to ask me if I’d like to review something from their website. Well, I wasn’t going to say no to free alcohol, was I?

A matte-black gift box turned up the next day, where nestled inside lay a beautiful bottle. I’ve never seen such a pretty bottle of vodka. gift box

Two Birds Christmas Spiced Vodka

Two Birds Christmas Spiced Vodka

Apparently, Two Birds Christmas Spiced Vodka is like a ‘mince pie in a glass’. I say ‘apparently’ because, unfortunately, I’ve had the lurgy since receiving it and haven’t tried any yet. Part of me did think ‘alcohol kills germs, get it down ya’, but the sensible part of me thought ‘you have no stop button and you will drink the whole bottle in one go and die’ and I don’t fancy dying, even for the good of this blog. Not before my birthday, anyway (which is on Tuesday 22 December, by the way).

So, although I can’t tell you if the Two Birds Christmas Spiced Vodka really is like a mince pie in a glass, I can tell you a bit more about 31Dover.

The business was created by the founders of Vanquish Wine – central London’s leading drinks distributor to the trade, who supply London’s top restaurants, bars, hotels and nightclubs with Champagne, wine and spirits. In 2010, Vanquish won the Drinks Business of the Year Award, which set them apart from their competition, enabling to offer next-day delivery and online pricing backed by a price match guarantee.

You won’t find thousands of wines, beers and spirits on their website, as each bottle is personally recommended by their wine experts and personally tested by everyone on the team (yes, I want a job there too).

However, you’re sure to find something you want – whether that’s chilli vodka or a case of craft beer – and you can order as little as one bottle or enough for a whole party. Next day delivery is standard and free for orders over £100.

Discount code for Planet Veggie readers 

If you’d like to avoid the alcohol aisle in your local supermarket this Christmas and have your drinks delivered to your door instead (yes, I know supermarkets deliver alcohol but do they sell such things as vodka that tastes like mince pies, huh?), you can use the code 31DCATHY (this is not my bra size by the way) at the checkout until 20 December to get 10% off your order.




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Chia Bia Milled & Whole Chia Seeds

Chia Bia Chia & Cranberry Mix
Chia seeds are great in smoothies

Chia seeds are known as the ‘superfood of the 21st century’ but, unlike some other ‘superfoods’ such as spirulina, chia seeds are tasteless, so you get all the nutrition without any of that ‘I’m only eating this because it’s good for me’ nonsense. (My apologies to anyone who thinks spirulina tastes nice.)

Because chia seeds are so high in omega 3, protein, fibre and antioxidants, people use them for:

  • digestive disorders
  • heart health
  • increased energy levels
  • joint pain or arthritis
  • improved memory and concentration
  • weight loss
  • lowered cholesterol
  • increased endurance
  • hydration
  • protection against muscle cramping
  • reduced fatigue

And, because chia seeds are tasteless, that means you can use them in all sorts of ways such as adding them to flapjacks, sprinkling over your breakfast cereal, stirring into yoghurt and – something I do every day – adding them to smoothies.

Banana, mango, pineapple and chia seed smoothie
Banana, mango, pineapple and chia & cranberrry mix smoothie

I’d bought a load of single-use sachets of chia seeds that had been reduced in price from 65p to 16p in Tesco the other week but, coincidentally, just as they were about to run out, Chia Bia (the leading supplier of high quality chia seed products in Europe) asked if I’d like to try their range of chia seeds which includes not just the whole seeds but also milled chia seeds and chia seeds in powder form, including cranberry and blueberry.

The Chia Bia chia seed range
The Chia Bia chia seed range

I used some of Chia Bia’s powdered chia & cranberry mix in today’s lunch of a tropical smoothie of banana, mango, pineapple and soya milk. Another benefit of chia is that it absorbs up to ten times its weight in water so, as well as keeping you hydrated for longer, it also keeps you fuller for longer, too.

Chia seed recipes

If you fancy doing something other than bunging them in your smoothies, here are a few more ways to use chia seeds.

For more information on the Chia Bia range and on chia seeds in general, visit the Chia Bia website.


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Review: Diablo Toasted Snack Maker

Baked beans and cheese toasted snack in a Diablo

Everyone likes toasted sandwiches but no one likes cleaning the toasted sandwich maker afterwards, so Aerolatte Ltd invented the Diablo toasted snack maker. Unlike a traditional sandwich maker, you heat the Diablo on the hob so, as it says on the box – no plugs, no mess, no problem.

Diablo toasted snack maker

When I first opened the box, I thought, ‘blimey, that’s small’ and it is small but, as you can see in the photos, it holds a lot of filling. I had planned to make a baked bean and cheese toastie using normal bread but there was none in the freezer, so I used a tortilla wrap instead. I placed the tortilla wrap on one of the Diablo plates (after heating it up first for a couple of minutes), piled my filling on top, then folded the wrap over to make an envelope. I clipped the handle of the Diablo, trimmed off the edges of the wrap and heated it on the hob for a few minutes, turning it over frequently. Because I’m a der-brain, I scorched the chopping board by placing the hot Diablo on it after pre-heating it. Which isn’t a big deal to me but if you like to keep your chopping board pristine and un-branded, you should probably put the hot Diablo on a trivet or something.

Diablo toasted sandwich maker

Diablo toasted snack maker

Diablo toasted snack maker

Diablo toasted snack maker

Diablo toasted snack maker

Diablo - no mess
Only a tiny amount leaked out

A crispy pie-like sandwich, with sealed edges, slipped out of the Diablo easily, leaving only a tiny amount behind and no mess on the hob. You can unclip the two parts of the Diablo for easier cleaning – either by hand or in the dishwasher.

A Diablo makes a great little snack and the filling combinations are endless (you just know I’m going to make a pizza one, don’t you?) You’re not even confined to using it on the hob, as it’d be great for camping or used on a woodburner (which I’m going to be doing).

If you’d like more information and to watch a video demonstration, visit the Diablo website. The Diablo is available on Amazon for (at the time of writing) about £13 including delivery.

Aerolatte Ltd sent me the Diablo toasted snack maker to review but all opinions (and toasted sandwiches) are my own. 


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Review: Old El Paso Stand ‘N’ Stuff Soft Taco Kit

Old El Paso Stand 'n' Stuff Soft Taco Kit

Confession time: I’ve never had a taco. I’ve had a chimichanga, an enchilada, a tortilla, a burrito and a quesadilla, but I’ve never had a taco. So, when Old El Paso sent me some of their products, including their Smoky BBQ Stand ‘N’ Stuff Soft Taco Kit, I finally had my chance to have one.

I haven’t tried a taco before because the shells in the supermarket look crispy and make me think they’ll fall apart, with the filling falling out, but these Stand ‘N’ Stuff ones are user-friendly – as you can guess, they stand up and you stuff them.

For some reason, I thought the tacos would be the size of the box but they’re quite small. You get eight in a box (although I was ripped off as there were only seven in mine) and two is a perfect portion.

Vegetarian tacos

I stuffed mine with meat-free mince – seasoned with the seasoning mix that comes in the box of tacos, the sauce that’s also supplied, jalapenos, salad, grated cheese and topped with Old El Paso Sour Cream Topping.  After I’d posted on Facebook about my tacos, a friend said something along the lines of, ‘yum, except for the mince’ so, if you don’t like mince, you could use refried beans or mashed up kidney beans instead.

Salad, jalapenos, salsa and sour cream topping

In keeping with the Mexican theme, I served the tacos with some Cajun spiced potato wedges. I loved these tacos – they were so quick and easy to make and the leftover mince and taco shells are in the freezer, to be used another day.

Thank you to Old El Paso for sending me some products to try.

A word of warning: if you’re thinking of buying an Old El Paso Stand ‘N’ Stuff Soft Taco Kit, make sure you check the box for the vegetarian symbol as Old El Paso sent me their Extra Mild taco kit a few months ago and although I couldn’t see anything un-vegetarian in the ingredients, it didn’t have the vegetarian symbol on the packaging, so I asked them if it was vegetarian and they said it wasn’t. 

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Review: Foraging Fox Beetroot Ketchup

Foraging Fox beetroot ketchup
Foraging Fox beetroot ketchup
Good with everything!

I put off trying Foraging Fox Beetroot Ketchup when I first received it because I thought it might be like those concentrated beetroot drinks you get, which I don’t like (to put it mildly).

However, I needn’t have worried because it doesn’t have a strong beetroot taste, despite it having a vibrant beetroot colour – rather, it’s sweet and tangy.

Foraging Fox Beetroot Ketchup

Foraging Fox say their beetroot ketchup is good with everything and while I haven’t had it with everything, I had some with a vegetable tart (Tesco’s Mixed Vegetable Medley Tarts that only cost £1 for two of them, in case you’re interested), new potatoes and steamed mixed veg and it went well with that. Although I probably wouldn’t have it with chips, I reckon it would go well with omelettes and toasted sandwiches, for example.

Foraging Fox Beetroot Ketchup

Foraging Fox Beetroot Ketchup is free from gluten, allergens, artificial colours, thickeners and sweeteners and is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

For more information, recipes ideas and a list of stocksts, visit the Foraging Fox website (please note the website contains meat and fish recipes, as well as vegetarian ones).

Follow Foraging Fox on Instagram
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Review: Genius Gluten Free Cupcakes

Genius gluten-free cupcakes
Genius gluten-free cupcakes
Genius gluten-free cupcakes

Although I’d never pretend to be a cake expert (a cakespert?), I’ve got to say, these gluten-free cupcakes from Genius don’t appear to be any different from their un-gluten-free counterparts. I’ve only tried the lemon one so far which had a sweet lemony frosting on top of a light, fluffy sponge with none of that cardboard texture you can sometimes get with gluten-free products.

Genius gluten-free lemon and chocolate cupcakes
Genius gluten-free lemon and chocolate cupcakes

If you’re thinking they look a bit squished, that’s because they were sent to me, so I’m sure they’ll be in a more pristine condition in the shops. If you do want to check them out, also in Genius’ gluten-free range are other cakes and treats (including muffins and crumpets), bread and rolls, and pastry and pies.

Anyone who loves cupcakes but needs them gluten-free should definitely give these a go.

For more information:

Visit the Genius website
Following Genius on Twitter
Like Genius on Facebook

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