Bread Machine Seitan


I wanted to make some seitan yesterday but couldn’t muster up the motivation to do all that kneading and stuff. So, I wondered if I could just bung all the ingredients in the bread machine and let that do all the work for me instead. And, guess what – it worked! It worked so well, I made about sixty new best friends after I posted the results on the What Fat Vegans Eat Facebook page.


I used the recipe on the Post Punk Kitchen website as I’d made Isa’s seitan before using the traditional simmering method and it was gorgeous. The bread machine method makes it smooth and not resembling brains like it usually does. It also forms a thin crust while the inside remains moist and chewy just like seitan should be.


I have no idea if it makes a difference which order you put the ingredients in your bread machine but I put the wet ingredients in first, then the dry, as that’s what my instruction manual says to do. Then I set the bread machine to the basic program, light crust, small loaf, pressed the start button and about three hours later I had a perfect loaf of seitan!

You can thank me later.

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  1. Going to try to make this tomorrow!

    What do you do about the broth? Do you add any extra ingredients to the dough to make up for the lack of flavour from the broth?

  2. I made it as our Christmas day roast and I would say the texture is not at all bready! It’s kind of like a dense meatloaf. So tasty! Thanks for the technique.

    1. Hi Martin, unfortunately the recipe’s no longer on the PPK website but I will try another recipe and update my post. Thanks for letting me know there’s no link!

  3. Hello!

    I’ve been trying to do seitan in my bread maker for a while and I keep having and issues where parts of the do get huge air bubbles and the the middle of the loaf ends up very dense and almost uncooked. Any advice on how to get it to cool evenly?

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