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Veganuary book - How To Go Vegan

Veganuary‘s over and maybe you took part and maybe you didn’t. Maybe you thought, ‘Pah, I ain’t jumping on no bandwagon. Especially one that involves not eating cheese.’ Or maybe you did take part but struggled in the supermarket trying to decipher what was vegan and what wasn’t and would have quite happily lived on non-dairy Ben & Jerry’s for the month of January had it not cost five pound fucking fifty pee a tub.

It’s easy enough to find vegan recipes to cook for yourself at home as there are billions of vegan cookbooks to buy and billions of vegan food blogs to browse but what about the other vegany stuff? The ‘why should I be vegan’ stuff and the ‘eating out in restaurants and at friends’ houses’ stuff and the ‘what is B12 and why do I need it’ stuff? All this stuff is enough to make you say ‘stuff it’ (or at least it would if it were still the 70s and an age when people still said things like ‘stuff it’ instead of ‘bollocks to that’ or whatever the equivalent is in young-person speak).

This is where How to go Vegan comes in. It bridges that gap between wanting to go vegan and actually being vegan, because being vegan doesn’t just mean not eating animals or their bodily fluids, i.e. it’s not just a diet but a lifestyle. Of course, if you just want to be a dietary vegan, that’s fine too. I’m not any kind of vegan so you’ll find no judginess here. It’s not compulsory to wear a t-shirt proclaiming your vegan-ness or get a big V tattooed on you like some vegans do either (why they do this, I do not know and it’s unfortunately not covered in this book so you’ll have to ask a t-shirted, tattooed vegan – just go to any vegan festival and you’ll bump into dozens of them).

It’s a neat little compact hard-backed book that will sit well on your shelf with your vegan cookbooks (or any other books really).

How to go Vegan covers:

  • Why Try Vegan? 
    • For animals
    • For the environment
    • Sustainability and world hunger
    • For personal health
    • For global health
    • For the adventure
  • How to go Vegan
    • Vegan at home
    • Vegan out in the world
    • Nutrition in a nutshell
    • Vegan myths
    • Meal plans
    • Recipes to get you started
    • The big questions
    • Final thoughts

How to go Vegan is published by Hodder & Stoughton and is available at Amazon.

Giveaway – Win a copy of How to go Vegan

I’ve got one copy of How to go Vegan to giveaway. All you need to do is enter via the Rafflecopter widget below. Good luck!

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  1. If this book can tell me if I can vegan, I’m up so for it. Looks like a nice book too. Make me vegan, nice book.

  2. Would love to win – try and have a few vegan meals every week – need to learn more x

  3. it sounds like an interesting read could do with learning more

  4. I hope it has some truly unique recipes rather than the usual fare.

  5. It would be nice to read about the truth behind veganism .

  6. I am struggling to give up cheese! but this book might help me with that final push it looks great! x

  7. I recently did a vegan cookery course with my husband and we had a fabulous time. The dishes we cooked were both easy and delicious, it certainly opened our eyes.

  8. At last a book that tells you the how and why. I need this to convince me to ditch the bacon sarnies !!

  9. This is the book my daughter and I need! a great reference book

  10. I’d enjoy reading this to find out more. I have been gradually making changes heading towards veganism. I just need that final push, but my hubby needs a little more motivation. This would help lots.

  11. I would like to be informed a little more about the subject before I took the leap,

  12. Count me in please. I am already vegan but I always like to have information to give to friends and colleagues when they ask me about veganism

  13. With my daughter being vegan, it would make it a lot easier to prepare meals and such for us both if I managed to go vegan too.

  14. I’m already vegan but need all the help I cam get to help me improve, so this would be great to win

  15. We are already completely veggie with a lot of our food being vegan. This sounds like the kind of book that holds those last little pieces of information I need to make a totally vegan transition.

  16. I’d love to at least try to eat a more vegan diet.

  17. Oh this would be fab! I’d give it to my friend who is trying to go vegan. I’m vegan myself, but sure there’s more I could learn too!

  18. I was vegetarian for many years but at the moment I just try to eat whole foods. I am curious about the vegan diet, as of course it is very much the in thing atm, so it would be interesting to give it a try and find out more about it which hopefully this book helps with!

  19. would be a great help with growing veg at the moment Iam not very good at it so ANY help at all would be great thank you

  20. This would be wonderful, love to read / learn more about vegan lifestyle

  21. This is a really useful guide of how to eat a Vegan diet

  22. This will be interesting. I’ve been veggie at various times of my life but cooking vegan for kids sounds daunting – sensible, practical inspiration would help

  23. What a handy book, I recently turned vegan so I would find this very useful, thanks.

  24. Would LOVE to win this great book: I have been happily vegan for years, but a very good friend of mine isn’t and she’s showing a keen interest, so if I won I’d be very happy to give the book to her

  25. Going to the vegan live in London soon so this book will follow suit for me

  26. I’m vegetarian and have dabbled with veganism over the years but learning more would maybe help me take the final plunge!

  27. I really want to become a full time vegan, count me in please xx

  28. Sounds like a really good read to see how achievable veganism is nowadays. I’d love to know more about it.

  29. I have not tried many vegan recipes but I am interested in trying out a few

  30. I would love to win to gift this book to my daughter who is thinking about going Vegan and a little confused about what she should do to begin being a vegan.

  31. This looks great, I love cooking and I have been trying more vegan meals lately

  32. I’ve been a vegetarian for 19 years now and I’ve tried the odd vegan week, but I’ve struggled to do it long term. This book would vlbe a great help.

  33. Honestly, been considering going vegan for a while now, especially since becoming a mother.

  34. I have been vegetarian for 25 years, thinking about taking the next step to veganism

  35. It’s good to find a nice concise piece of information on veganism

  36. We’re dairy free due to allergy, and trying to reduce our meat consumption, so I’m reading everything I can at the moment.

    Did giggle at ‘ five pound fucking fifty pee a tub’… My thoughts exactly!

  37. I did my first Veganuary this year and loved cooking up loads of fab new recipes, but slipped up a couple of times when eating out so this book would be a fab resource for the future. I plan to continue veganing 🙂

  38. I’m really interested in Vegan cooking. Not sure I could completely commit to the lifestyle but definitley want to introduce more Vegan meals into our lives.

  39. I love eating the vegan choices when I go out for a meal. I’d love totrycooking vegan athome

  40. This looks like a fabulous book, im interested in some new recipies and ideas so many thanks….

  41. this sounds like a great read id love to go fully vegan but dont know where to start!

  42. It will help me as a fledgling vegan to embrace veganism

  43. Looks like a useful go-to book, especially for someone who’s vegan-curious.

  44. Would love this as always looking for new vegan recipes

  45. Thank you for the chance to win. I follow a vegetarian diet that is verging on vegan – this would be a great extra push to get me there.

  46. I would love to go Vegan, but unfortunately I love cheese too much even though I’m lactose intolerant. Talk about a love/hate relationship right? How did you find making the transition to vegan? Would really love to win this book to help me along my way.

  47. I did veganuary and was surprised how easy it was! I’m trying my best to continue being vegan, but have had eggs this month

  48. l eat mainly vegetarian food and l am now more inquisitive about the vegan life style

  49. The Vegan lifestyle is very popular and I can see its advantages – however I do not get the reason for not eating eggs! my sister has free range chickens that wander her 2 acre garden in pure enjoyment for the whole of their natural lives. When they lay an egg they walk off abandoning the eggs. Then we collect them or if we are not quick enough the Jackdaws who live in the false chimneys of the cottage have a feast. Surely if they are unfertilised eggs it is not a problem is it to eat them?

  50. I’ve tried a few vegan recipes but need some more inspiration, this book looks great!

  51. I would like to know a few more vegan recipes and this book would definitely help!

  52. I’ve been vegetarian for years but struggling to make the transition to vegan. This would really help.

  53. I’d love to learn some vegan recipes and introduce a larger variety of foods into my diet, great giveaway!

  54. Looks like an excellent read with plenty of advice and know how

  55. Wonderful prize. Would make the transition easier!

  56. Lots of inspiration to entice the whole family to enjoy and love vegan food

  57. I’d welcome some inspirational, delicious ideas for a range of dishes for a healthy lifestyle.

  58. I would like to learn more about being Vegan as I am not exactly sure on what to eat

  59. I am vegetarian already and often wondered if I should go vegan.

  60. My sister has just gone vegan and I would like to know more about it.

  61. Thanks for running this comp – I am interested in this, particularly as it is now easier to be vegan than in the past

  62. Just turned vegan and I’d love to try out some new recipes!

  63. WOuld be interesting to try this. seems very popular at the moment.

  64. this sounds great I’m trying to go to vegan but struggle

  65. I would love to learn more about vegan cooking. I love cooking and am always looking for vegetarian/vegan ideas

  66. I would love to try to go on vegan food, this book would help me a lot.

  67. I’ve heard good things about this book and it would be fab to help on my vegan journey.

  68. My son is Vegan and I would love to learn more about it and recipes for him

  69. I have been a vegetarian for 30 years, I need to make the next step to become vegan!

  70. AWESOME this sounds like a great read id love to go fully vegan but dont know where to start! great comp guys

  71. Looks like a fantastic read with plenty of advice, how to and tips ❣

  72. This sounds like a really interesting book. I think it covers every area of veganism you can think of!

  73. I would love to go vegan – I just worry I would find it too difficult

  74. This book looks great; thanks for this great opportunity! Good luck to everyone entering!

  75. I am vegetarian and would love to take that next step to being a vegan so this would be a great source of information and help!

  76. This looks great – I need some inspiration for new recipes.

  77. I would love to win this for our local vegan shop which has a little lending library of vegan books to help people who are starting out as vegans. 🙂

  78. id love this book, im a vegetarian and would like to try ore vegan meals

  79. I still need to find a decent milk alternative. Cracked everything else!

  80. I would love to win this as my mum and I are very new to this. Half started after Christmas ( no meat and limited dairy) and became properly vegan at the start of this month. We have a lot to learn. We need to learn how to spot hidden things we can’t have and become clued up on alternatives. Mostly we need to learn recipes because we feel quite limited right now and have made a mistake or two.

  81. Yes! My husband is a chef who is currently sorting out a new half seafood/half vegan menu so this would be amazing!

  82. my sister has just turned vegan i have no idea what to cook or make for her i would love to learn to make meals for all of us when she is here

  83. I have been vegetarian for over twenty years and am finding myself eating more vegan meals. This looks such an inspiring book.

  84. Really interested to read a book like this. We do currently eat meat and dairy but are lucky enough to be able to buy local stuff from farmers we know are good. Im keener than OH to try veggie/ vegan but – this would be so useful!

  85. I’d love to win as I’m looking into veganism ever since I learned about the health benefits of giving up animal products. x

  86. With all the research into Veganism and the health benefits, I’m seriously giving this some thought!!

  87. I’d love to win this, trying to go vegan after being vegetarian for a few years

  88. This would be great to great a better picture. As well as some meal idea for when my vegan friend comes over (She very much wears and flaunts the V-gang t-shirt). So it would be great to see some information for myself.

  89. I’d really love to try some new vegan recipes and find out more

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