Review: Bodychef Vegetarian Diet – Day 8 – Final Day

This is it. I’ve done a week of the Bodychef vegetarian diet plan. I’m going to write a full summing up and conclusion another time so, for now, here’s what I finished with.

Unusually for me, I had the supplied breakfast of berry compote (34 cals).

Bodychef berry compote
Nothing like cold berry pie filling

Unlike Day 5’s apricot and apple compote, this was nothing like a pie filling. After eating this berry compote, I decided I needed to find out how to make it myself, as I could definitely eat something like this for breakfast.

Lunch was a deconstructed kidney bean pâté (97 cals), tortilla wrap (135 cals) and cheesy coleslaw (66 cals).

Deconstructed cheese wrap
Deconstructed wrap

I reconstructed the wrap by spreading the kidney bean pâté on to the wrap, then adding the cheesy coleslaw. The kidney bean pâté was delicious and, after the coleslaw-based disappointment of Day 5, I wasn’t expecting anything great but, I could taste the cheese. Yay.

Bodychef kidney bean pate and cheesy coleslaw
My last lunch (not for ever, don’t panic)

So. That’s it. I’ve tested Bodychef’s vegetarian diet plan for a week and I mostly didn’t cheat but I certainly didn’t starve. In fact, although I’m going to – as mentioned earlier – do a full conclusion another time, I’d recommend this for anyone who wants to give a healthy-eating plan a kickstart.

Day 8 conclusion

Compote is yum. I like wraps. Bodychef diet plans are a good idea.

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    1. But that pays for the food (obviously) and the convenience of it being measured out and calorie-controlled and labelled and delivered and it’s all your food for a day. I wouldn’t do it for a month but I’d recommend it for a week as a kick-start and an insight into portion control, etc.

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