Not only are BEAR Yo Yos delicious, made of 100% fruit, one of your 5 a day, they’re also fun. When was the last time you opened a packet and found a card with a fact like this:


I’m guessing ladybirds feel threatened most of the time, so next time I see a ladybird and think ‘aw, a ladybird, how cute’, I’m going to be wondering if it’s leaking yellow gunk from its knees.

On another card, I learnt that the African python can swallow a whole antelope in one go.

BEAR Yo Yos come in mango, pear, apple, blueberry, raspeberry and strawberry flavours and they can be unravelled like a yo yo, or if you’re like me, they can be shoved in your mouth whole.


You can even bake with them – how about having a go at making this yoghurt pancake face or these blueberry yo yo muffins?

BEAR Yo Yos are available from Asda, Co-operative, Morrison’s, Sainsbury’s, Ocado Tesco, Waitrose, Holland & Barrett, Co-operative, Somerfield, Café Nero, Wilkinsons, Wholefoods, Planet Organic, Garden Centre group, lots of small chains & independents or buy online at the BEAR website.

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