Another pizza (this time less soggy)

After Jo responded to my ‘how to get pizza base less soggy’ question on my previous pizza post, The Meat Eater and I skipped off to our local Robert Dyas (ok we drove 10 miles to the nearest Robert Dyas) and purchased a pizza tray with holes in.  So, of course, we had to test out the holes=less sogginess theory, didn’t we?  So we did.  And it worked.  Hurrah.

Here’s the pizza about to be tested on its new tray.

Pizza 001And here it is, served up on a plate, not soggy.

Pizza 008It has the usual toppings of tomato sauce, onion, chili, mushrooms and cheese.  It would have had a red pepper on it but The Meat Eater (who was on pizza making duty) forgot to put it on.  He also forgot to put any vegan cheese on, I don’t know why.

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