4 Things To Have In Mind If You Want To Detox Your Body

Detox methods can vary depending on the particular cleansing process and what essentially is your goal. You can detox daily by drinking several liters of water on average, or eating more fruit. However, what people refer to when trying to detox is trying out several methods or particular ones to get rid of the accumulated toxins resting in the body. If you are preparing for such a ritual, there are things you should have in mind, as people performing a detox ritual are unaware of the consequences of improper detox and make several major mistakes.

What is the purpose of detox?

Usually, when people talk about the process of detoxification, they refer to cleaning their body after the heavy usage of alcohol, drugs, smoking, and other substances consumed over a longer period of time, taking its toll on the body.

However, even though detoxing is used for the above mentioned, there are other reasons why people undergo detox treatment. Generally, even though you may or may not use the mentioned substances, or if you do- you do so in moderate quantities, there are plenty of toxins we regularly consume unaware of the effect they can have on our bodies.

Pollutants, chemicals in the air, soil, and water we consume, pesticides, and additives in the morning cereals and fruit, are generally all the negative consequences of living in a highly industrialized society. Consumer culture paved the way for the rapid growth of many industries, however, the seeking demand had to be met with the artificial coloring of food and the chemical preservation of groceries, and not only that; the clothes we are wearing are often made from cheap materials to cut the price.

As a result, detoxification involves more than just stopping drinking or clearing the body of substance misuse, even if we are all in desperate need of it. More and more research is connecting the physical state of our bodies with our overall mental state, suggesting how the unhealthy lifestyle we live in terms of diet does affect to some extent milder forms of depression, lack of motivation, and overall unhappiness. We are what we eat, therefore we need to rethink the way we live, sleep, eat, and act.

Instant detox treatments

The most popular detox methods include instant cleaning rituals allowing the body to get rid of the toxins in short time duration, effectively and instantly. These quick methods are acting as the refresh option on your computer, giving the body a sudden energy boost and making the immune system work harder, and cell regeneration faster.

Some of the methods include taking detox supplements, like the ones you can find on this website, juice consumption, intermittent fasting or water fasting, colon cleansing (not popular yet highly effective), spa treatments, and skin cleansing treatments. The last one is often using the treatment of addicts and people who abused their bodies for longer periods of time.

What is the use of such methods? Simply, they are effective in releasing the toxins within a matter of hours or days and have instant results. The main advantage of these methods is the prevention of several diseases if they are repeated several times with pauses between each session.

Though some might disapprove of these methods, and are favoring long-term solutions, these methods are more than effective and have proven to be a changing milestone for those trying to adopt a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.

Lifestyle changes

The long-term solution, or long-term detox process, is changing one lifestyle to the core. This means implementing healthy habits, such as regular sleep, intermittent fasting, exercising, staying away from processed food, eating more vegetables, drinking fluids regularly, and taking vitamins. People who do so are making long-term changes and over the course of years, they are reducing several risk factors and prolonging their lives.

Though the fast detox methods are great to repair the body, give it an energy injection, refresh it and make sure to feel better for a while, the long-term effects are only felt once you implement the habits which will make you feel better all the time.

piles of colourful fruit and vegetables

It is a process

Whether you are thinking of undergoing life long changes or just instant juice drinks and cleansing, you should be aware of the following:

  1. In the case of lifelong changes, implementing a healthier lifestyle in general, consult your doctor about the effects it can have on your body, think of the obstacles ahead, prepare mentally, and make sure to take your time one change after the other.
  2. In the case of instant detox sessions and methods, they often can be a shock for the body, and even though you might feel instant relief, consult your doctor before undergoing any of the cleansing processes.

We do hope you’ll find this advice more than usual and you’ll do your body a favor by trying out a detox method, whether for the rest of your life or the day.




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